Paul Ryan!!

Will there be another Catholic in a high ranking office next year?

Mitt Romney could not of possibly picked a better candidate for Vice President then he has in Paul Ryan.

This could give Romney a few points and close the gap between him and Obama.

it just keeps getting more interesting!

Until recently I had no idea how many Catholics were in government.

The Vice President is Catholic, Nancy Pelosi is Catholic, a lot of the governors are Catholic, 6 of the Supreme Court Justices are Catholic.


It does at that…

Ryan will help Romney with conservatives who were wary of him, but he’ll likely send moderates running the other way. A brief look at the political sites this morning showed me that Democrats are very happy about this pick. That’s not really what you go for-a pick that makes the people you’re running against happy.

And wasn’t his budget the one the Bishop’s spoke about as being against Catholic teaching?

Doubt he will send moderates running, he has consistently won re election, 7 terms, in a moderate district

Wow is right…but are they CATHOLIC Catholic?

NBC is already trying to smear him. “Nobody knows who he is…” I swear NBC makes my skin crawl, switching to FOX real quick. ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!

Hopefully the faithful Catholics will realize this is a Faithful Catholic!

This is a good choice!

Biden and Pelosi calling themselves Catholic is a joke considering they worship infanticide!:mad:

I just found out about his choice and now I’m trying to do a little pre-election research.

Paul Ryan on EWTN


Announcing the pick at this time was nothing more than a attempt to move the focus off of Romney’s refusal to disclose his tax records. Normally, the VP pick would be announced at the convention.

It is estimated that Ryan’s budget would push 900,000 more children into extreme poverty, while extending tax breaks to the 1 percent who own more than the bottom 90%.

Ryan may oppose abortion, but in terms of some important social justice issues, I don’t think that “voucher boy” can stand up to scrutiny. It will be interesting to see what AARP has to say about him to their membership. And this choice was made by the architect of Romneycare in massachusetts. Utter hypocrisy.

As disappointing as the Obama presidency has been, we can’t afford to continue taking from the poor children in order to increase the net worth of the billionaires. It is wrong morally. It is bad economic policy.

Romney just handed Obama the senior vote on a silver platter.

What a moronic selection.

Egad I was hoping Romney would leave Paul Ryan where he is to hammer out budget legislation like a one-two punch. Having said that, Paul Ryan is a substantative executive and worthy of being president if tragedy struck, something unseen for decades. Romney & Ryan, be blessed of God and God bless America and make us one with Your holy will. And, like Gideon’s outnumbered army, bring Your shock and awe through a few good men to daze and confuse the enemy into destroying themselves. Thanks. AMEN

Could be, the seniors don’t like any discussion of people messing with their welfare, even if the changes wouldn’t affect them. On the other hand, Ryan does have ideas, something which Romney has none of.

Why do you think that? The ones who will be given a choice about Medicare will be your generation. Everything stays the same for me.

The trillions of dollars that we now face as our debt went to Obama supporters and bundlers.

Get the facts.

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