paul the apostate...

Robert Eisenman believes that Paul hijacked the church…

There are all these people, many of whom post on here, who talk about how the REAL Christianity is corrupted, and how someone, usually St. Paul, is responsible.

And the odd thing is, most of them don’t know what traditional Christianity actually teaches.

Why is that?

Stephen Fray tried to hijack a plane.

Bob and Steve should get new lines of work.

Well, Bob has written a nice book entitled “James the Brother of Jesus”.

Why do people chase after the wind? There are as many so called proofs as there are beliefs these days! Why spread all this doubt and confusion, which only causes people to despair? THAT is the REAL cruelty! Certainly, people are free to believe as they want, but those of us who choose the Truth need only to cling to the Rock of our Salvation, Jesus.

Last year, I had the great honor to study Saint Paul’s writing in Rome. I can assure you that Saint Paul would be rolling over in his tomb if he thought he were being credited with founding the Church! He preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ - and tells you that in almost every other line her writes! He was not deluded to think it was “his” church, even though he planted various Christian communities through his preaching. People try to make problems out of things that do not exist!

Galatians 1:19 :confused:

Good question, dixihehr. Though I would change it to “most of them don’t know what the Bible actually teaches. Why is that?”

Which came first? Sacred Tradition or the Bible?

I’d change it to " most of them don’t know what traditional Christianity together with the Bible actually teaches. Why is that?"


Robert Eisenman has studied the Dead Sea Scrolls. He believes that the Qumran community was an Ebionite sect of christianity.

Please watch his video lecture, it is very informative…

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Theosophy, yikes!
Never heard of it till I just googled it.
It will grow, I would say in these last day’s. Maybe the antichrist himself will be a theosophists.
Very scary. :eek:

I don’t believe that the antichrist would be a theosophist. The antichrist will have to be very popular, and theosophy has never been popular, as anyone can see by your reaction to your googling…

There have been Kabbalists for the last 2000 years, but Kabbalists are rare…

Ah, but my reaction is as a born-again believer in Christ.
From my googling, I saw that theosophy could bring religions together, like a one world religion.
Of course the antichrist could be anyone and into anything, but it just made me think.

Why do you believe that you have been reborn? What kind of experience did you have?

I was born again the day I believed that the Lord Jesus Christ died for me and live to prove this as a new creature.

Well, it seems that you are telling me that you adopted a creed. But, what about persons who come and go like the wind does? Do you think that they are born again?

And this endorsement is supposed tohave some impact on Catholics who know their Faith?

The dead sea scrolls are probably more authoritive than the new testament in relation to what the original christians actually believed and practiced. Catholicism is what it is. Who knows what catholics will do?

Robert Eisenman is highly regarded among scholars, from what I gather.

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