Paul VI to be beatified soon [Vatican Insider]

**Paul VI to be beatified soon
Theologians have approved the beatification cause and now the cardinals must announce their decision. The miracle they have chosen to present is his healing of a baby


Paul VI, or Giovanni Battista Montini, the Pope who reigned from 1963 to 1978 and led three of the four sessions of the Second Vatican Council, guiding the Church through the difficult post-conciliar period, could be proclaimed a saint in 2013. After examining the “Positio” with the documents of the canonical process, in recent weeks, theologians of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints voted in favour of the former pope’s beatification, without raising any objections. Next 11 December cardinals and bishops of the Congregation will also vote. Having overcome the theologian hurdle, the final “yes” from cardinals looks highly likely.

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Hopefully Pius XII can follow in Beatification. Then perhaps Pius IX could be canonized.

Regardless, I will pray for Paul VI’s process.

One good thing I recently read about Pope Paul VI was him lifting sanctions against Padre Pio, who for a time was prevented from saying mass in public and hearing confessions.

That is wonderful news! How providential that this will no doubt occur during the “Year of Faith.” :thumbsup:

No coincidence to be sure. The post-concilliar church is his legacy, and I always get the impression, no doubt due to the overwhelming popularity of Bl JPII, poor Paul VI got looked over. (That, and his unpopularity in certain circles over Humanae Vitae)
He oversaw the seismic changes in Catholicism coming from Vatican II, not just the Liturgy, but almost any aspect of the Church and its relationship to the rest of humanity.
While John XXIII had the courage to call the council in the first place, but, from what I can see, it floundered somewhat, taking a lot longer than what he optimistically hoped. It took Paul VI not only to give it direction, but to bring it to a conclusion, and not only that, with unity in the church maintained, generally speaking. (Small pockets of aside.)
I will be following this with interest, and praying for his cause.:gopray2:

Even though I’ve been a lifelong Catholic, I’ve never really paid too much attention to things like this until recently.

Good for him, and good for us! So, with Paul VI’s upcomming beautification, when could he be canonized as a saint? How much longer until John XXIII and John Paul II become saints? Seems to me to be a LONG process. I DO think the process should be long, but I’m wondering when we could see these three visionaries become saints. I’ve never seen a pope canonized in my lifetime. I think that would be pretty neat.

Only one pope has been canonized since 1712, and that was Pius X in 1954. It’s not exactly a common occurrence :slight_smile:

The man oversaw the Church in the aftermath of two world wars, revised Canon Law, and helped shepherd the Church through the onslaught of the “sexual revolution”.

Oh, and a little thing called HV.

The man has my vote, if it mattered at all!

I think he knocked one out of the field with Humane Vitae.

Though to be fair, Pius XII did deal with WWII, both during and after. I don’t think its an understatement to say we would not have had a Catholic church, not recognisably so, if not for Pius XII.( Also,some of the changes can be traced to him particularly in biblical scholarship. Not to mention the Dogma of the Assumption. Hard to envision another pope proclaiming a dogma:shrug:)
I think canon law was 1983, JPIIs watch, though to be sure it was set in train before that.

+1 Sometimes I hate the way the word ‘prophetic’ is bandied about, but in this case…

No objections from me with Pius XII, but WW II was big enough that the effects of it were felt for awhile.

JP2 finalized the Canon Law, but the bulk of the work was done by Paul VI, who was a Canon Law expert and I believe a lawyer by trade.

This case would be a prime example. Everything he said would happen has happened.

Pius X started the first Code of Canon Law, which went into effect in 1917. JPII revised it in 1983.

I first heard the term “dry martyr” when it was applied to Paul VI.

Pope Paul VI stated that one of his goals was to revise Canon Law. He had a Phd in Canon Law. In between the third and fourth sessions of Vatican II he said that there would be a revision of Canon Law. He started the process, helped formulate it, and guided it until JP2 promulgated it.

Fourteen posts, and everyone has been beautifully positive and supportive of this honor for Pope Paul VI. I highly commend all of you.

[Now if this had been in “Apologetics,” we may have seen different reactions to this news. There is a thread in that forum now about St. Hildegard being named Doctor of the Church, and it shames me to read a couple of those replies.]

I. have followed his career since the 50’s as he shares the same last name as my grandmother.
My family exspected him to succeed Pios XII.
He was a favorite going in. We were a little disappointed.
The Holy Spirit plucked Cardinal Roncalli instead.
blessed John XXIII out of obscurity.
EUgenio Montini’s time had not come yet
I’m elated that he is finally given this honor
A true Prophet and a man. of courage.
Sorry Giovanni not Eugenic.
My memory is slipping

Unfortunately, the extreme traditionalists are highly upset about all this. They reacted the same way about Blessed John Paul II’s beatification! They’re like, “Oh, he didn’t have enough backbone to stand up to dissenters, the Church started to collapse thanks to him, blah blah blah . . . .” Why can’t they just trust the Holy Spirit?

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