Paula Dean's brother in law?

I caught the last few seconds of a segment of Paula’s *Party *show and her guest was a man in a roman collar and black shirt and she referred to him as “her brother in law”. A priest I assume.

I think so! I remember seeing him or her mentioning him. I ha vent saw her in a few weeks, so I may be thinking of someone else.

Paula’s husband, Michael, brother is a priest.

Has anyone read the new Paula Deen book, a memoir of sorts…just came out…what did you think of it?

I love Paula Deen!

Miss Paula’s brother-in-law is Father Hank Grover, OP (I think). He was one of the priest who stayed behind in Louisiana during Hurricane Kartina. He is Michael Grover’s (Pauls’a husband) elder brother.

There was a funny story about how their mother was an excellent cook, but Michael was a picky eater (apparently, he is even now to some degree- won’t let Paula cook with wine!). Whatever else their mother cooked, she always had to have a little pot of Spaghetti-os or some such on the back burner. Father Hank would call this “brat stew”.

I don’t know the particulars of their lives, such as why Father Grover is a priest, and why his brother is divorced, or if he received a decree of nullity; or if Paula Deen had to…or any of that other stuff, largely because it is none of my business.

But that little story about “brat stew” is cute.:wink:

‘brat stew’ is cute.

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