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This lady has been all over the television lately. I don’t know much about her teachings except that she seems sure that God wants me to send her 54 dollars a month for a year.:smiley:

Paula White was raised in a small town called Tupelo, Mississippi. Until the age of 5, her life was what most people would consider typical, including a loving family and stable home life. At the age of five, Paula’s little world was thrown into a tailspin when her father committed suicide. The sudden loss of her father affected Paula’s entire family. While her family tried to cope with the loss and disappointment, Paula’s cries for love were muffled by years of sexual and physical abuse from the ages of 6 to 13.

At the age of eighteen, Paula was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shortly thereafter, Paula began ministering in the inner cities of the Washington, DC area. By the early nineties, she was in post-riot Los Angeles, teaching Jesus to children whose neighborhoods had been hardest hit by violence.

Shortly thereafter? Is there an express line at Protestant theological schools these days?


No, you need to send my ministry $1000 a month!


There’s no real necessity for theological training to minister to kids on the streets. But obviously, she’s moved on up from there, and probably without much paper to hang on the walls.

I’m not knocking that, because she’s not a pastor, I don’t think anyway, she’s an evangelist and motivational speaker isn’t she? More in line with the Charismatic or Assemblies of God organizations, I assume, when listening to her take on Christianity.

TBN has a way of finding people they believe are gifted, or annointed, and then they groom them to be their headliners. I watched them for a few years and noticed the trend. They start giving them a lot of camara time until it’s almost as if they are the only one’s around. These people tend to be their biggest bread winners, so to speak, keep the emotions high and the donations rolling in. And there’s always a money spin to it, some kind of Christian get rich quick thing they teach. It’s really just a pyramid scam if you ask me. The people at the top get it all, the people at the bottom don’t, but the ones at the bottom won’t admit it because it would look like they don’t have enough faith. Very sad. My father has fallen for this on more than one occasion. He’s very gullable.

Somewhere along the line, I said enough with all this nonsense, and turned on EWTN for good. What a breath of fresh air! I mean, really! Just a deep, quiet peace that is soooo noticable. You’ll not get that watching Paula and her crowd, I’m afraid. :frowning:

I say, if you’re ready to move on from emotionalism and trendy theology in your Christian experience, to a deeper, more mature and abiding faith, stick with the Catholic Church. She’ll be around when all the others fade out. :wink:


Certainly, I am firm in my Catholic faith. I listen to EWTN on the radio often. There seems to either be a resurgance of these “seed-faith” money preachers or perhaps I have just been noticing them more. I am a bit facinated with them. This is obviously a lucrative enterprise or they wouldn’t do it. I feel bad for those taken in by this and I am grateful for my Catholic faith.


It’s funny, but because I was raised around this type of preaching, and have seen it’s manipulation of good intentioned Christians who didn’t know better, when I come across it on tv anymore, I actually get a pain in my stomach and the hair raises on the back of my neck, I can’t bear it, not even for a moment.:eek:

Probably a psychological reaction, but very real nonetheless.

I am extremely thankful that God gave me the grace from a fairly young age to know this was not right, not what God intends for his sheep. This grace kept me searching my whole life until I ended up in the one place I wasn’t expecting!:smiley:


maybe Mother Angelica and the EWTN team should pick up some pointers from them. Fr. Corapi would be great, he should just add a demand for $54 a month after each of his programs. And Fr. Trigilio could claim to be anointed, and Fr. Groeschel could do on-air healing services (after the internet callers send their donations by pay-pal or credit card). of course, we would have to clean them up a little, better wardrobe, big hair, make-up, mascara etc.


Paula White is part of a new movement that twist the scripture. They say “sow a seed, and reap a harvest.”

Although Jesus never called money by seed. Instead the seed is the Word.

I am not a catholic, but I agree that people like Paula Jones do not teach the right message. She changes the motive of a sinner. Instead of repentance, the motive is abundance.

Some of this thought is rooted in replacement theology, that if the church replaces Israel, then Abraham’s blessings belong to Christians. This is one of the dangers of replacement theology.


I’m still observing these people. I turn them on and then see just how long it takes for them to mention the sending in of cash. The TBN thing is strange. I have watched some of the old biblical movies they have on there from time to time. They even have old broadcasts from Bishop Fulton Sheen (I think that’s the station I saw him on).


My wife and I live in the Delaware Valley and use rabbit ears for our TV. TBN bought a local station. We tune in for movies and some programs that we like drive thru history and one that does a well presented biblical archeology. I normally just change the channel when they have their ministers on; P. Jones is one of them. She is an energetic and attractive woman, but I have no idea what on earth she is talking about.


Every now and then I’ll watch TBN, it’s like a car wreck to me…I can’t look away.

I sometimes feel guilt when I giggle.


Errrr, her name is Paula WHITE, not Paula Jones.
Paula Jones was the woman who accused President Clinton of having exposed himself to her against her will.

That noted, I can’t STAND Paula White.
She jumps around, stomps her stilleto-heeled feet,
and, though she is as white as a soda cracker, she rants and
preaches and testifies trying to sound like a black Pentecostal
revivalist. She’s a total fake. And of course the money pitch is always there. And who TOLD these people that they are
"anointed" anyway???

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


I think she targets TO Blacks. I read that alot of these types buy time on BET like Robert Tilton and others.
I have seen his gaudy show hawking his “miracle oil” and “annointing cloth”.


She drives me nuts. I remember when she first started her show. She has changed her voice inflections and her style since then - I think the poster above hit the nail on the head - she now mimics the voice and motions of what would have traditionally been associated black pentecostal revivalist preachers.

I saw one show where she said churches need to get back to the purpose of communion. We don’t do it enough and the bible tells us that is why we are sick and dying. So she and her guest pastor told everyone in tvland to go to their ktichen and get a piece of bread and some grape juice and everyone would partake of communion, right there, together. I just had to turn the channel at that point.

As for the guy in the picture above - he’s about as slick as they come, but I have to admit, I do watch him for 2-3 minutes whenever I’m channelsurfing and happen to catch him. He’s so over the top that he amuses me. Kind of like Benny H.

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