Paula White, Trump's "prayer partner"

The Prosperity Gospel: because Jesus was all for earthly riches.

Trump is a Protestant and is entitled to his religious views. Given that his VP is a lapsed Catholic, one could point to both of them as an example of where the Catholic Church in the U.S. has fallen asleep on the job. As for the “Prosperity Gospel”, we haven’t exactly been free from our own version of it in the past: it took the Reformation to knock it out of us (and, earlier, Saint Francis of Assisi, and before him, Saint Basil the Great, and so on…)

What is problematic is when Catholic websites list him as Man of the Year. Was no one found to give praise to God, but him? :D:D


Let’s not forget that the Obama administration had many ‘Catholics’ such as Joe Biden, Pelosi, Sebellus and also Clinton’s VP pick who were diametrically opposed to what the Church taught.

A once Catholic but now Evangelical Mike Pence seems to be more ‘in line’ with Church teachings.

God can work with whomever he so chooses, especially if those within his flock have stopped listening.

Not that I agree with the Prosperity Gospel as it is presented by these preachers.

Here you go: :smiley:

“What this man has achieved has a magnitude only the most retarded among the already brain-challenged Libtards still struggle to grasp.”

How erudite.

I consider it poor man’s poetry. :smiley:

It’s the wonderful world of Protestantism.

I didn’t vote for Trump because of his faith asscociation. I find it a little strange that Evangelicals seem to be becoming more “afraid” of Christians who don’t hold the same religious convictions they have. I understand to a certain degree, but really, it’s the nature of their tradition. And by that, I mean “independent churches”. They will all have their variations of doctrine. It’s what they uphold, in order to practice what they each teach. So why be up in arms at others who have various conclusions?

She is not the only clergy that will be at the inauguration today though.

So, Trump does have other influences also.

Also,Kelly Anne Conway,his advisor,is a devout Catholic:thumbsup:

Tucked near the end of the article is this:

White, who will pray alongside five other clergy, even told CT there’s “a possibility” of her assuming an official role in his administration.

Honestly, I’m not too worried even if she is his official white house spiritual advisor. He will pick someone that thinks like him and affirms who-he-is as-he-is so it’ll just be an echo chamber anyway. I do think we need to be very clear in denouncing prosperity Gospel. It is a perversion of the faith. It’s less honest than Atheism in my opinion.

Maybe a bit off topic but I’m a bit amused that Cardinal Dolan will be reading from Wisdom which many Protestants don’t accept as scripture.

She may be a devout Catholic, but she’s also an awful person, so there’s also that.

Paula White might well be considered a theological plebeian and poseur Christian by certain folks who also happen to consciously and vociferously oppose Christ’s Church.

A beam in the eye?

How is she an awful person,by mere fact that she is Republican and through her brilliant strategy ,Trump beat out,unarguably the most corrupt and flawed candidate?:rolleyes:

Didn’t say she wasn’t effective; just said she’s a bad person. She’s a serial liar who enabled a fascist, racist demagogue.

I just think we’re approaching this in a way we won’t see eye to eye on.

Well, that’s their problem then, isn’t it… And since Cardinal Dolan is Catholic, it isn’t a problem for him.

Hopefully Jeanne is approaching this from the position of reasonableness, rather than openly trying to detract and slander. Eye to eye indeed.

You are spewing some pretty uncharitable untruths.Bye Bye

I would call Trump’s treatment of basic humanity uncharitable too, agree to disagree.

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