Paula White, Trump's "prayer partner"

I think having a proponent of the Prosperity Gospel is entirely apropos for Trump.

Diametrically? I don’t think so.
A once Catholic but now Evangelical Mike Pence seems to be more ‘in line’ with Church teachings.
Wow. I think there is more to Church teachings than you are thinking about here.

If you specifically leave the Catholic Church what kind of logic places you closer to Church teaching than a practicing Catholic.

That’s bizarro.

The press secretary Sean Spicer is Catholic too. He was despicably mocked by some people for wearing ashes on his forehead on Ash Wednesday on television.

I don’t think she’s an evil person: I actually admire her composure and how even-keeled she is. I just don’t know how she can reconcile her faith with everything her boss has said and done.

Wow. I think there is more to Church teachings than you are thinking about here.

Agreed. Last time I checked, the Catholic Church wasn’t big on conversion therapy or creationism.

To be clear, I like that the Cardinal is there and I like that he is reading from Wisdom. It’s a beautiful book and a very good Catholic choice.

We should be praying for Trump whether we like him or not. Although, I confess that I tend to grit my teeth when I add him to my intercessions.


Is that the criteria for Man of the Year?

A bit tribalistic doncha think?

Just a friendly reminder, they are very quick to issue warnings when we use negative language against or about a person. I know because got a few warnings and one suspension for similar posts.

It’s hard as heck to not say anything negative about him but I’m trying :whistle:

Noted; I would never direct this against a poster, just her and her boss, who have stooped to far worse.

Wow, how charitable! Please tell us what you really think


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The same way it’s reconciled here.

I’m still not sure how it’s reconciled here.

:slight_smile: Well since you would most likely know better than me, fair enough.

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