Pauline Liturgy of the Hours


Can we in the U.S. use the Pauline Liturgy of the Hours?

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If you are not ordained, the LOTH is a devotional. So you could use whatever you want for personal prayer.

If you are leading an official LOTH prayer group in the Church, it might be best to follow the approved liturgy.


If you’re not ordained, the LOTH, if properly recited according to the rubrics and with the approved texts, is still liturgy and not just a “devotional”.

The only difference between the ordained and laity with respect to the LOTH is that it is compulsory for the former, and laudable but not compulsory for the latter.

The LOTH is the official prayer of the Church; all are encouraged to join, and the clergy are obligated to do so.

But if you deviate from the approved texts, calendar and rubrics then it’s devotional and not liturgy.

It seems to me if one is going to go through all the trouble of reciting it, one may as well do it right and join one’s voice to the official prayer of the entire Church.

To the OP, it looks like the standard 4-volume LOTH but is probably approved for Africa and perhaps that congregation. Which means it would follow the African calendar and/or that of the congregation. I’m not sure what translations it uses (ICEL or other). I’m not sure what advantage there would be to using it over the US/Canada version (the UK version is different as well). It likely wouldn’t be the right calendar for N. America.

Edit: I just found this site that describes it more fully:


you articulated my point much better than I did. Thanks! :smiley:


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