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Sorry to bring this here, but I’ve come across a problem on another site and would like some back up/advice. The site is at The group claims to be a christian one. Over the weekend, I noticed they had a thread saying that a belief wasn’t found in the bible. When I read it, I found that they were talking about the belief in Purgatory.

Well, I answered that as politely as I could, with some scriptural backup, and letting them know that the word “trinity” wasn’t in the bible either. Well, they’ve come back with some other stuff. One was a link to a site that accussed Paul of teaching against what Jesus taught. Which really bothers me. I just came from there, but left a post that it sounds like they’re calling the bible a lie. After all, if we can’t trust St. Paul, who can we trust?

Sorry if this sounds like a rant. It is, in part, just that. It really gets me going to read some of that stuff.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself, though I don’t advise it, the group is called: salvation by grace. I’d like a bit of moral support. I know that I shouldn’t get into these sort of discussions, but I get suckered in every time. :blush:

Hi Christy,

There is but one author of the Bible and that is God. When they malign Paul, they malign God and accuse Him of being inconsistent.

There is a current out there that considers the bible to be just another human writing. What’s the use of arguing with people who don’t have the same basis of truth as you have?


Thanks. I guess I just needed a bit of reassurance.:o

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