Pause for Peace during World Cup Final


It will be a blessing if there are no riots after the final game. With people so eager to go to blows over a sporting event, it is no wonder world peace is so elusive. I will miss the game, but I will add my prayers to those praying for peace!

Pope Francis :heavy_check_mark: @Pontifex
The World Cup allowed people from different countries and religions to come together. May sport always promote the culture of encounter.
7:00 AM - 12 Jul 2014

I feel sorry for Brazil, less we all forget, Pope Benedict went to Brazil. After their loss the other day, there was some minor trouble I believe. I believe I saw a picture of a burned out bus.

Congratulations to Netherlands, very well done. Bronze Medal, 3rd place.

God Bless, Brazil, Netherlands, all countries on earth and their peoples.

I actually found this a little shallow. We should strive for peace at all times. To ask people to pause for peace because of a sports tournament seems wacky to me. If we can pause for peace for a sports tournament, we should be able to have continual peace.
I beg pardon to the Pope, but these are dangerous times and it just seemed trivial.

We see the pope’s message in two different ways. I do not think the Holy Father was limiting when we should pray for peace. That would seem totally out of character for him. We should always pray for peace and seek it as best as we can. My understanding in this instance is that Pope Francis saw a wonderful opportunity in the World Cup, where millions of people would be together in person and through the media, united for a common purpose. What a wonderful opportunity to put aside our self-centered concerns and perceived differences in order to unite our thoughts and prayers for peace!

I wonder how many people did pause to pray for peace. As it turns out, I did watch the final game at my Mom’s house, and I did remember this thread and paused to pray for peace. Sometimes we need reminders like this, at least I do.

I didn’t waych the game. I am not into soccer and I pretty much am against professional sports. Too much money,
spoiled athletes, athletes getting in trouble with the law.
If we could pool all the money together that goes for professional sports maybe we could feed the poor or pay off debt.

Why wait until the final game?? Why not pause for peace throughout the games?

Kind of like the christmas season. We are charitable, merry,
forgiving and as soon as christmas is over we go back to normal way of life.

Yes, that is just it. Soccer is a simple, universal language that everyone in the world speaks (well, a lot of us anyway :wink: and I do sympathize with the non-supporters – I’ve never been a real serious US football or basketball fan, for example). Soccer brings the world together in a common experience. For a brief time, everyone can engage in the same source of emotions, the same drama. It brings out the best in people in terms of character, courage and capacity to hope (think US against Belgium). There’s glory and tragedy. In the end, we’ll all human. It’s that simple. Pausing for peace is a fine idea. But I think that just the interaction and connections that naturally occur through the World Cup accomplish the same thing every single moment of it. (I realize there is violence amongst fans but I don’t think that really overshadows the bigger picture of what’s going on.)

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