PAW Scripts Senate Minority Leader

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has come under fire the last few days for making false statements regarding the judicial nominees that President Bush has recently re-nominated. One such comment referred to the hostage nominees as already being “turned down by the Senate.” Anyone who has followed the issue knows that the judges in question were never given an up or down vote - due to Democrats’ unprecedented filibustering. Perhaps Senator Reid should be forgiven since it appears that an outside source is actually writing his talking points.

A popular blog, Demagogue, compared the public statements of Senator Reid and Ralph Neas, the president of the extremely liberal People for the American Way. In a February 15 Washington Times article, Ralph Neas had this to say about judges: “To replay this narrow and completed debate demonstrates the Bush administration’s failure to craft a positive agenda for the American people.” On the same day the Washington Post also had the exact same quote, but it was uttered by Senator Reid. How is it that the leading Democrat in the Senate uses the exact same talking points as the head of one of the most left-wing interest groups in America? Good reporters should ask Senator Reid the truth behind this story, though I would suggest they look closely to see if it is Ralph Neas’ lips moving.

– Mark L. Chance.

Most of what I’ve heard Reid say follows the same old theme, party first, America second. :frowning:

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