Pax board on pole?

Today I received in the mail a flier for the Angelus Press 2010 conference. There is a picture of benediction on its front, but what interests me are what look like pax boards on poles being held by two acolytes, one being held on each side. They are very tall, and have an agnus dei on their visible face. It’s obviously designed that way, and isn’t something hacked together. It’s surrounded by a sunburst/cloud design. I’ve tried to find the picture online, but I can’t find it. I have never seen such a thing, and I’m wondering what it’s called, and the rules for its use.

This obviously isn’t going anywhere without a picture. I’ll scan the brochure tomorrow.

Angelus Press - aren’t those the SSPX people?

from their website:

"From October 15-17, 2010, Angelus Press will host a conference on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Society of St. Pius X’s founding on November 1, 1970. The theme is: The defense of Catholic Tradition as transmitted by Archbishop Lefebvre. "

Yes, they are SSPX people. I’m not a member, but I have bought some liturgical items from them online, so now I’m on their mailing list.

The SSPX(as well as other traditionalist groups) maintain customs that have been an occasion for me to learn more. Most recently I learned about the sanctus candle from a picture of a Low Mass said by the ICRSS. I was hoping this might be another occasion to learn about a mostly-forgotten Church tradition.

As I said, I’ll get the pic scanned tomorrow. It really does look like a big pax board on a pole, as tall as a processional cross.

I haven’t been able to get the picture scanned, but I did get ahold of a higher-up at Angelus Press, who was equally curious. The search continues!

I have the picture! The main pole is in the bottom left, but you can see that there is a second one mostly off-image to the right. It’s too big to post on CAF, so I’m hosting it somewhere else:

They look a lot like ripida which are fans that may be carried by the servers at a Byzantine Divine Liturgy.

Another picture.

I had the same thought! I didn’t know their name, but I have seem them at Divine Liturgy before, usually behind the altar.

Do you know if there’s any Western analogue? I thought I read that the Dominican liturgy has something similar, but its use is uncommon. I’ll Google around on this and see what I find. Maybe this will give me an answer!

Thanks for the reply!

Dominican flabellae:

I’ve spent the last two hours googling around on this subject, and it seems that the Latin church abandoned the use of metal fans sometime in the 14th or 15th century, while feathered fans survived among the Dominicans at large and in various local uses up to V2(and indeed still survive to this day, if much diminished, among traditional Dominicans and a few old-fashioned holdouts like Malta).

Maybe the picture depicts some local Gallic use? If only I remembered my one semester of French…

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