Pax House

I was wondering if anyone had ever purchased or dealt with Pax House ( Their website says they operate out of Mexico and act as a non-profit organization selling refurbished appointments and vestments and using the money to support poverty stricken areas in Mexico.

I am currently forming a group of student parishioners at my college parish to fundraise and purchase new sanctuary appointments and furnishings for my parish. We are hoping to do a very small scale (yet extremely needed) sanctuary refurbishment and after seeing some of the items Pax House is selling at such a low cost I wanted to know if anyone had dealt with them before.

Purchasing cheap liturgical appointments while helping both my parish and children in Mexico… I hope its not too good to be true!

Yes, I purchased a set of brass altar bells from them a few years ago for my church. That has been my only contact with them, but I have no complaints.

Please don’t take this as as endorsement, but over the years, I’ve made several purchases from them for parishes. Never had a problem. Their metalware tends to be a little less (shall we say) “polished” than what’s typically sold in the catalogs.

Great thanks!

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