Paying for a blessed item?

I was curious what the morality is of paying or making a donation for a blessed sacramental? I came across this organization making blessed medals of St. Benedict available, with a donation. I had heard that it was illicit to buy or sell blessed things, is this legit and ok under Catholic canon law/teaching?

This answer is as I’ve usually heard:

Is it OK to sell blessed items?

In other words, at least as I’ve usually heard it, a blessed item that is being sold should cost as much as the equivalent, “identical” unblessed item. And these are my words, but anyone out there who is selling a blessed item should take explicit care to avoid even the impression of simony; for example, a seller may explicitly disclaim any attempt at “selling a blessing.”

You may have been hearing about relics:

Are there any rules governing relics?

Aren’t blessed items sold all the time? What if someone has a house blessed? Otherwise, it’d mean you couldn’t sell a house, wouldn’t it? You can sell blessed objects, just not the blessing as already stated.

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