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Friday (my weekly day of penance–I’m dressing ‘down’: black dress slacks, white shirt, black tie) after work I drive to the admin offices of the anesthesiologist where I had a balance of $41.25. I’m ready to make a $20 payment to the lady behind the desk.
We make small talk and she notes I live 40 miles away. She thinks I drove all the way in just to make a payment. While I’m explaining that I commute here to work, she says to me just because I made the special effort to come in today, she is writing off the remaining balance. I get my jawbone off the floor and she escorts me to the back door of the office building because it’s closer to my parking space.

I tell my wife the good news.

Saturday morning I’m having breakfast with my DW at our favorite restaurant. When we go up to the cashier to pay our tab, we see two very young men in army fatigues waiting for their order to go. I whisper to my wife how I wish we could pay for their meal. She says, why not? We ask the cashier about the men’s order–they’re buying taquitos for the troops, about a dozen men. My wife says let’s do it. We pay for their order and scoot out the door (“let your deeds of mercy be secret”).

The men, members of the local national guard armory, intercept us in the parking lot and thank us for our generosity. I stammer a few words about my gratitude for their service and pile into the car.

Even if we were able to get away without notice, I am touched first by being the recipient of a blessing (the writing off of a balance) and being able to extend that generosity forward (breakfast for the boys).

Thank you, Lord!



Thanks for sharing. What a nice thought!


That brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!




I have those same experiences all the time too. Whenever I help someone I get paid back right away. It's like there are angels who watch out for us all.

Example; Winter was coming and I saw a poor man looking at $20. jackets/windbreakers.
I knew that there would soon be snow and winds and he needed a better jacket. I told him to go buy a warm winter jacket at another store and gave him $20. to help him buy a better jacket for $40. He looked surprised and asked me why I was helping him. I said because winter is coming and you need a warmer jacket than the ones here. Then I said that I always try to help people whenever I can. He thanked me and left totally shocked and surprised. The man was going to be working in Alaska the following week.

I then proceeded to look at the beautiful real silver and stone necklaces. The necklace I liked didn't have the price on it. I asked the sales girl for the price. She figuered it cost
$35. dollars.... she then told the cashier to only charge me $30. instead. All the jewelry was on sale. They just wanted to get rid of it.
I found out later that the real price of the necklace at the discount rate was really $135.
I felt it was a gift from God for helping that poor man face winter with a warm jacket.

I know we Catholics are not supposed to brag about how we help others but I think it is important for people to hear our stories because then people can see that when you help others you are also helping yourself. It seems to be that God always gives us things in return. Positive things happen to me within the same day when I do someone a favor or help out in some way.

I have had many "WOW" experiences in my life. We have a saying in my culture, "God will pay you back", when we help someone.

Another "WOW" experience was when I cancelled an expensive hotel room due to the fact that I had changed my mind about traveling at the last minute. That hotel had the policy of no refunds at the last minute. But.... when I called to cancel the Manager was in a great mood and said she would refund the whole amount. 'WOW"... unbelieveable.
I decided I would donate the money to my church to help feed the poor. Something inside me said, "Don't keep it... pass it on.... So I did. I take great joy in feeding people and God has always been good to me. I have never gone hungry unless I am on a

Spur of the Moment happens sometimes.... A friend and I were on vacation. It was evening and we were walking in a beautiful lively city. My friend saw a one dollar bill on the floor and she said to me.."What should I do with it?" At that same moment a beggar asked her for a dollar. She gave it to him telling him she had just found it just for We went happily on our way to our hotel.

I would like to read some experiences others have had too. PEACE, LaLucia


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