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I do not yet pay taxes as I don’t own property or have a job or etc, but living in Canada I am aware that taxes pay for abortion. So my question is then, is it morally acceptable to pay taxes, when they are used to fund murder? This question has been troubling me for a while now, as I approach the time where I will have to begin paying taxes.

Yes, it is moral to pay taxes, which pay for many things besides abortion. At worst it is remote cooperation with evil.

Taxes pay for hospitals, police, road, water , electricity , children’s hospitals,
Medical research, plus many many other things,.
Are you going to deny money for the good things as well…
There are so many bad things that happen which is out of our control…
Like war, we could stop paying taxes because we oppose war,
But then, what if Canada was invaded by a country that wanted to harm the U S,
And wanted to travel through Canada destroying everything in its path ,
What would you do if the government hadn’t spent money on defence ,
Just because you opposed it,because war causes murder ?

Taxes pay for many entirely valid things like defense and social services for the poor; it is quite licit to pay taxes.

Here is an article about Christians and taxes: Bible and Taxes

I don’t like paying taxes. Who does? But, Jesus paid taxes and St. Paul tells us to pay your taxes.

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The Roman Empire was not a moral state – they funded things like crucifixions, public baths, toga-wearing and whatnot – but Jesus still said, “Render unto Caesar…”

Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civil society. It is not only moral but morally required to pay them.



Yes, but why did Jesus say this and pay taxes. Because it was moral, or because it was practical? If Jesus had stood up to the Romans, he would either have been executed for the wrong reason, or he would have had to become the military generals the Jewish people were expecting in the messiah. I am not convinced of the grand moral argument for paying taxes to an immoral state. I am rather convinced by the very practical one of not getting put into prison.

We may be forced to pay taxes, but we don’t have to actually believe the propaganda (I suppose it does make it easier, though)!

As others have said, taxes pay for many good things. Just consider in your heart that you are paying for these things, not abortion.


Thank you for the responses guys, they are helpful!

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