Paying the guardian angel prayer daily. Your guardian angel will reveal itself

My youth minister told a friend of mine that if you pray te guardian angel prayer everyday it will reveal itself to you. Does the church teach this or is this just rumor or superstition spread by Catholics?

:doh2: No, this is not a teaching of the Church.

This is a prayer that is usually taught to children.

Angel of God, my guardian dear.
To whom God’s love, commits me here.
Ever this day, be at my side.
To light, to rule, to guard and to guide.

The church does not teach that the angel will reveal itself to one, but rather to quide and protect.

I’m thinking maybe the YM phrased what he or she meant to say rather poorly.
If one prays the Guardian angel prayer regularly, one becomes more aware of the interceding power of our guardian. Kids sometimes need reassurance of all the prayers and care that they receive, not just from their parents, but from God Himself in the gift of their guardian angel.

Maybe. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt, since we don’t exactly know what they said. Kids go home and say a lot of stuff they think they heard…Catechists too, have to always be as clear as they can considering the age of their students.

Peace to you.

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