PBS and History Channel: Are they informative or are they driving an anti-Catholic conspiracy?

I’ve recently read that all Catholics should be extremely cautious when watching PBS or The History Channel because they present information that potentially contradicts Catholic dogma.

Is this a reason to recoil from their programming?


I’m not sure if it’s a true conspiracy or simply ignorance. PBS tends to have liberal bias in all of their programming. The History Channel is more inclined to sensationalize their stories in the interest of attracting viewers. I love it how they will play this pensive music while an elderly woman with a British accent narrates passages from Revelation. I would be suspect of either as an authoritative resource for the Church, but it can be fun to see how many errors you can catch.

Yeah, I’m gonna say they’re just ignorant.

They seem to be very influenced by the Jesus Seminar, which isn’t necessarily anti-Catholic, as such, but it’s definitely not orthodox. They also tend to be sensationalistic - every Lent they drag out that poor old fake box of bones of “James the brother of Jesus” as if it had just been “recently discovered” and not debunked (as it was) back in the late 1940s, when it was discerned that the box was actually created some time in the late 1800s by way of a joke.

This reminds me of my very early (elementary age) “Sunday School” classes at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, where the lay person would project a slide show onto a screen, with slides illustrating the power and majesty of God in the form of silvery rays of sunlight beaming through ominous, dark clouds. The 33 1/3 rpm LP which accompanied it featured an authoritative, resonating, Orson Wellsian voice narrating the sequence of slides with comforting cliches about God’s love and, interestingly, God’s anger. This was dropped into the laps and minds of six- and seven-year-olds and reinforced with a grab into the fishbowl for a piece of hard candy as a reward.



History Channel is anti-Catholic.
What is PBS? Is this something in America?

PBS=Public Broadcasting Service
it has a lot of history, nature and science shows, as well as old BBC sitcoms. and a growing amout of political show, all very liberal.


PBS is generally very good.
good news team
Great science programming and top-notch cultural programming
(Pledge week can be annoying but it beats commercials)

The History Channel drives me nuts

A few years back they were covering the DeVinci code (every station had some sort of “code” program to ca$h in on the rage) it was an hour long program and eventually (in the last 5 o t10 minutes) they mentioned that the whole book was a bunch of whoie but the rest of the hour was nothing but misleading half truths and omissions about the particular lies of the book.

Then I remember a show about the Knights Templar where they described basic Catholic practices as “sinister”.

I guess when you have 24 hours of programming to fill up you let up on quality.

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