PBS Blesses Old Religious Shows, But Bans the New

I did a quick search and didn’t see a link to this story yet. Sorry if it’s already been covered.


Fr. Robert Barron’s comments on this bias.


PBS has some great documentaries, but their left-wing slant really turns me off. This just adds to my distaste for their management.


The thread title is inaccurate. PBS did not ban religious programming. They did ban new religious programming, but this decision was a compromise which preserves current religious programming.

Its another big step in a bad direction. PBS is anti-Christian and everybody knows it. And they depend upon taxpayer money…

I disagree. The decision seems centered in the doctrine of separation of Church and State. PBS is federally funded, which means that it shouldn’t be promoting sectarian religious programming.

I think the compromise decision actually is a victory for our side.

Father Barron made a video commenting on this: youtube.com/watch?v=m87gA5uWIAo

The vast majority of their funding comes from private donors.

if the decision is dumb then is was typical for PBS and to be expected

I didn’t know it. The YouTube piece by the priest articulates the bias we find in one form of liberalism that shuns not only Christian input, but any organized religious belief. PBS is a public entity that can only respond to our vote, whether to watch or not. If we find a program that promotes a non-objective view, without portraying different voices on an issue, maybe our response by letter/email protest to the PBS organization over their lack of diversity would help influence future decisions.:rolleyes:

This is absurd. The airwaves/frequencies are federally owned and licenses granted by the government, so does that mean NO radio station can use those airwaves for religious purposes? Also, when you say this is a victory for “our” side, who’s side is that Fallen Away Catholic?

Of course not, because granting a radio station a license does not create a monopoly. PBS is the only government run channel, so including sectarian religious programming creates a problem with establishment of a religion. If you allow one religion to have a program, to be fair you would need to allow all religions to have a program. Theoretically, this could crowd out all other programming.

Those who believe in God, and those who wish the Catholic Church well.

More absurdity. How is PBS a monopoly when there are literaly thousands of television stations/programing available? Simply because they are the only “government” sponsored (read taxpayer subsidized) station doesn’t make them a monopoly…it only makes them government sponsored. That’s like saying social security has a monopoly on retirement/pension/401k funds. Or government run schools have a monopoly on education. No, what these things have is a monopoly on their access to taxpayer dollars.

Good analogy. Since PBS is publically funded, it should promote programming appealing to all its viewers/funders. Separation of church & state ave nothing to do with this issue.

PBS isn’t the only devil to need excorcising. Comcast Cable took off EWTN and left on all the protestant programs. Go figure.

Comcast in South Florida still carries EWTN.

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