PBS documentary on slain abortion doctor George Tiller faces protest



< A pro-life leader is calling on PBS to cancel an upcoming airing of the documentary that she says offers a sympathetic portrayal of four late-term abortion providers who are carrying on the work of slain abortion doctor George Tiller.

The documentary, entitled “After Tiller,” “is nothing short of pure propaganda intended to demonize the entire pro-life movement and drum up support for late-term abortion,” Judie Brown, president of American Life League, said Wednesday.

Ms. Brown called on PBS to cancel its scheduled Sept. 1 airing of the documentary, saying it was inappropriate for a network funded in part with taxpayer dollars to run such a program.>



And PBS has for a long time gotten public funding but at least NPR is clearly liberal in their point of view.


Yes, let’s all line up & feel sorry for a murdered late term abortion dr. instead of the thousands of children who died by his hand.


Wow, nice lack of compassion for the cold blooded murder of this doctor. So, according to you all doctors that perform abortions could be lined up and executed and you’d be ok with that? How very Christian and Catholic of you. :thumbsup:

So how would you feel about a documentary on the murderer who killed him? Something tells me you’d feel quite the sympathy for him. :shrug:


When will PBS run a documentary about 55 million aborted babies? Where is the quid pro quo for the pro life side from a publicly funded televison network? Until then, yes I will ***vigorouly, passionately, continually ***criticize them. By the way, where is your compassion for the murder of 55 million children? Just so you know, I am practicing my Catholic faith by defending the unborn.


A murderer murdered a murderer. I wouldn’t call it cold blooded, the murderer murdered had murdered many many victims.


If you take the interpretation as you personally view it, then I would agree that it is quite un-Catholic. I will not presume to put words into Patti’s mouth. I will, however, state that the pro-life position is against all forms of murder. The killing of Dr. Tiller is just as wrong as the abortions he performed, and there is no justification for his murder. Shutting down his practice, having the law recognize the truth that a fetus is truly a human being afforded the right to live, and providing help to women in troubled pregnancies is the Catholic answer, never murder.

I’ve recently seen you calling on the lack of compassion by Catholics, but you often seem to interpret the ‘worst’ out of someone’s comments. I don’t think it is uncharitable to say that a documentary praising a murderer is pathetic/ironic/absurd because the millions he is responsible for murdering (by his own actions or support of the cause) receive no such attention. That statement does not condemn him to death, but it does raise the question why he is being celebrated in death.


So answer my question, should we have no sympathy or empathy for MURDERED doctors who perform abortions.

Let me be clear, I am not talking about the unborn here. I’m talking about the grown doctor who was murdered.

It’s sad and sick that you can somehow believe his murder was justified in any way. Let me ask you again, do you feel sympathy for the guy who murdered him? It seems as much.


That’s well said, we need to be even-handed in how we love and show compassion for each other, it be Dr. Tiller or the unborn.


No justification. However, that doesn’t mean he should be praised in a documentary, and his death doesn’t absolve him of the murders he committed. I feel sad that he was murdered, as no one deserves to be murdered, and while I never actually heard about the results, I presume justice was served to the person who killed him. That person should not be celebrated either, as I don’t believe in celebrating anyone who murders, whether it is a full grown adult or an infant in the womb.


I made no comment about the “dr”. How I feel about him personally is no concern of yours. My criticism was for the bias of PBS. That is what I believe the OP was commenting about. If you want to talk about Tiller start another thread.


From what I know of Dr. Tiller and the number of late term babies he killed, it should be pretty hard to turn him into a hero. Unfortunately, his assassin made that easier. Of course there is no justification for murder, not the murder of Dr. Tiller, and not the killing of unborn children.


That’s the game, I fear. We can’t question something legitimately without being questioned about some bigger, fundraising-happy issue. Don’t question the President, that’s racism. Don’t question PBS, you might as well say you wished you pulled the trigger. Don’t question the courts overturning voter-approved marriage laws - that’s homophobia. Don’t question immigration reform that doesn’t allow for blanket amnesty - that’s discrimination.


Perhaps we should wait and actually watch the documentary before we judge it. And thank you for showing the compassion I was talking about. I am in no way trying to make him a hero, but just to show his murder and ANY murder is wrong.


Very much so. If he had lived, there is the chance he would have repented, which nobody should be denied. I’m very sorry he was murdered for that reason, and of course for the basic human reason that nobody should be murdered. I do, however, have more sympathy for his innocent victims than for him.

Sorry, are you suggesting that the doctor was worth more than the unborn because he was larger?

I feel sympathy for the doctor’s murderer inasmuch as he allowed a good cause to become corrupted in his imagination or his will to the extent that he thought that murder was an acceptable means to a desired end. He committed a great sin. Unlike the doctor he murdered, however, he has a chance to repent, so (like the doctor) he gets less sympathy than his victim.

As a faithful Catholic, I believe that the end never justifies the means, and that a sin committed “in a good cause” is still a sin and also tarnishes the good cause for which you committed it.

HOWEVER, I also object to a documentary lionizing the murderer-for-hire abortion doctor. The fact that the man was murdered does not turn his sins into virtues, does not improve the righteousness of his cause, and does not change the fact that his successors are also murderers who should not be celebrated in a documentary.



Again with the passive-aggressiveness. If you find our comments uncharitable or lacking compassion, please say so that we may correct ourselves and be mindful of our words. I honestly do not wish to cause anyone offense on this forum.

As for watching the documentary, what for? It is a documentary about the work carried on by doctors performing a morally wrong procedure that legally murders human beings. It seems pretty clear that the documentary portrays Dr. Tiller in a ‘sympathetic’ light, and I find no sympathy for the man’s actions on this Earth. Sorrow at his death because, again, no murder is acceptable or justifiable, but that doesn’t mean I must approve of him.


I think The Crow works for PBS and has come here to get their ratings up. :eek:


Like the children he killed Dr Tiller is a child of God and his death should be mourned, not applauded. His killer did grievous harm to the pro-life movement-I hold more animosity toward him than I do Dr. Tiller

Somehow I get the feeling PBS will not be doing a documentary on Dr. Gosnell.



General Point for everyone, this documentary and it sounds like it covers some other doctors as well is probably a few years old. I think some people who keep up with pro-life events have probably heard about this movie before.

Perhaps there will be a petition to sign for PBS not to show it. I will be honest, PBS probably does have some decent shows but this is probably getting to political. It should at least not be shown nationally.

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