PBS documentary on slain abortion doctor George Tiller faces protest


It’s not every Catholic or Christian think it’s okay and most of us do not like vigilante behavior. saying that, Every time I see an anti -abortion person portrayed on TV or movies they are portrayed as bigoted, hateful evil people. Abortionists are usually caring . compassionate and just swell folks.
Years ago when an abortionist was murdered it was our Cardinal John O’connor who asked him to turn himself in. And he did. When pro-lifers were spit on or beaten ,as was seen in Europe and South America I didn’t hear one peep out of the pro"Choice" groups that they should not engage in violence. They complain about violence against the abortionists but seeing people being beaten and humiliated- the don’t care.Only they deserve compassion and need to be protected.


Since PBS is funded by tax dollars, they should not be allowed to show this because quite clearly, it is propaganda.

However, if they were to show an unbiased documentary which presents various viewpoints in a neutral manner then that would be a good thing. In other words, have a documentary about late term abortion and present both pro-life, and pro-abortion viewpoints.


No surprise there. Years back, the media elitists once made a movie honoring rabid racist eugenisist Margaret Sanger as well, starring Bonnie Franklin. YES, you WILL pay for an entity that lionizes Tiller the Killer, and you are going to like it! :rolleyes:


While loss of human life is always a tragedy, and Tiller was assassinated without benefit of a trial or imprisonment and a legal process, I feel safe to say that it was a just killing that was done in defense of innocent life. If action by Tiller’s killer saved just one innocent child from an untimely death then it was justified. The problem of legal process is that while abortion is legal in the United States, we can only hope to stop egregious cases such as Gosnell, a once-in-a-generation occurrence. How many more generations are snuffed out at the hands of a privileged few? We can be assured that God will supply justice for both Tiller and his assassin; they will receive their final sentence. But our actions here on Earth will be judged as well. What will become of those who attempt to canonize Tiller as a martyr? Is it right to lift him up and use him to condemn all of us who work in the pro-life movement in retaliation for one violent action? I don’t have to see the documentary to know it will be tasteless and slanted. I already know well the kind of junk that comes out of PBS when they play politics.

I don’t condone vigilante justice or violence in any way. I think that prayer and political action and working through the system and civil disobedience are the best tools we have to fight injustices including abortion. But what’s done is done. If we could turn back the clock, I’d just wish for an early arrest, imprisonment, and revocation of his right to murder. That would be justice for the unborn.


estesbob makes a good point - would they do a documentary on Dr. Gosnell?


Never - only the doctors who don’t let the public find out what really goes on in their ‘clinics’…


I can just imagine Satan raising a glass and toasting George for a job well done. He has earned his well deserved reward.


**All definitions are from google.com/ dictionary.com unless otherwise noted.

an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe.

[uh-sas-uh-neyt] Spell Syllables
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due process of law (gathered from law.dictionary.com, a subsidiary of dictionary.com
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in·no·cent adjective \ˈi-nə-sənt\ (compiled from www.merriam-webster.com)
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As a writer, who occasionally teaches writing to others, I like to be as clear as I can on definitions. Please don’t think I am picking anyone apart but language doesn’t work if we don’t know what we are saying. This response completely contradicts itself. A tragedy cannot be justified, it just doesn’t work with ANY definition of the word justified or just. Also we cannot argue for the life that Tiller took away without arguing that his life also carried the same weight. We do not measure lives as meaning more than another. I am not by any means saying that Tiller was correct in what he was doing but I’m only explaining that there is no case in which his murder is justified.


One of the most recent and there have been many on gay relationships was about a women who had dedicated herself to cancer research and then got cancer. She chose to have a gay relationship and they documented this along with the fact that her large family for the most part was opposed to the relationship. They came across as cruel because they kept their distance while she was sick for the most part.

The probably did not want to be filmed condoning the relationship and this film documented the days to she finally died - a very sad film.


If her family had been supportive they wouldn’t heave filmed it.


Hey, now wait a minute. We’re having much more fun spewing venom about something we haven’t seen yet.

Yeah. We’ve already made up our minds about this documentary. Why would we waste time actually watching it?



Tragedies can certainly have God’s justice written on them in the larger scheme of things. September 11th was a tragedy. Did the USA deserve such an attack? Only God knows. Was it justified? It’s beyond my pay grade.

Perhaps I am unfairly judging Tiller by saying he was a murderer with blood on his hands who deserved to be stopped. Perhaps Francis is judging ISIS unfairly by saying similar things about them. Only God really knows these things. But like ISIS, Tiller would not have been brought to justice if someone had not acted decisively. Unfortunately that person was a cold-blooded assassin.

Tiller appears to have died impenitent and unredeemed, which is the real tragedy. While we can’t know his soul, it appears that he was not Catholic, so he did not have the benefits of Last Rites. Was he repentant at the end of his life? Once again, only God knows the answer to this, and we can only pray for the eternal repose of his soul. I hope that many pro-life activists offer prayers and Mass intentions for him.

We all deserve death because of the sin of Adam. We will all suffer a bodily death because of sin. And we will all receive the reward we deserve from God in the end. Assassination was a violent, over-the-top way to stop Tiller’s rampage of murder, but it did effectively stop it. Can it be condoned or repeated? No. Should it be praised? No. Was it justice? I believe it was.


The documentary was released last year. You can read about it here


PBS descends surfing out here:



You are right to think it was justice. In Old Testament times,the Jews would have put someone like him to death immediately,even without a trial,and no one would have doubted it was the right thing to do. No one would called it murder.


Dr. Tiller has become part of PBS’s Pantheon of Liberal thinkers and activists.

Unfortunately, I think the Fairness Doctrine only applies to political parties, and not to social issues.

I enjoy some of the programming on PBS, especially their music concerts, travel, nature and science programs, and performances of several of Shakespeare’s plays.

The programming on PBS has always been overwhelmingly from a secular humanist and liberal political point of view. I think the sole exception was William F. Buckley’s old political talk show ‘Firing Line’.

Even most of their history programs have a politically liberal message to them; ‘American Experience’ recently showed ‘Stonewall Uprising’ (not Stonewall Jackson; about the sodomite “rights” movement); ‘God in America’ attacked God in America; and in ‘Prohibition’ Ken Burns trashed the social conservative leaders and political figures of the Prohibition era who all have been collectively tossed in the trash bin of history by society and forgotten.

PBS has aired two programs on their ‘Frontline’ series attacking the Vatican and Catholic clergy in the United States.

I think some of PBS’s programming is very interesting, thought provoking, and educational but there is an extreme politically left viewpoint which permeates most of their programming.

I don’t think William F. Buckley, Father Richard John Neuhaus, or Nellie Gray will ever be featured on their ‘American Masters’ biography series:

‘American Masters’:



For those of you who care to, here is a link to a petition you can sign in opposition.

(I hope this isn’t against the CAF rules - if it is, please just delete my post, please don’t close the thread. Thanks.)



.After Tiller

[quote=“Abby Johnson”]I have seen “After Tiller.” It is very well done. The producers did a great job of drawing you in quickly. It is, of course, sympathetic to the abortion movement. But honestly, if you aren’t careful, you could totally forget about that part and find yourself struggling with misguided sympathy. So that’s my first word of advice.

If you watch this documentary, guard yourself. I don’t discourage anyone from watching it at all. I always think it’s a good idea to listen to what our opposition is telling the public…and more importantly, what they are telling themselves. Researching and understanding the mindset of the prochoice side is a very important part of being a prolife activist. However, remember what you are watching. The producers do a great job of turning these late term abortion providers into sympathetic heroes. Heroes that risk their lives to perform these “lifesaving medical procedures.” I mean, look what happened to Dr. George Tiller! Gunned down in his own church by a crazed prolifer. They are risking their lives for women. They are threatened, hunted down, harassed…all because they perform a legal medical procedure. And there’s the message that they want you to hear. And that’s the message that you will hear if you don’t guard yourself. You may read this and say, “Well, that’s not going to happen to me.” We are usually moved to changes in our thinking by SMALL messages that we hear over and over again. I was raised prolife, but was slowly changed into a prochoice person because of those small messages I heard. The messages were untrue, just like they are untrue in this documentary. But a lie can easily be disguised as truth. Be careful. Remember that these physicians abort babies. They are not heroes. And on that note, here’s my second word of advice.

Action item: Since PBS is paid for with our tax dollars and they are showing this on their “Point of View” program, then it only makes sense that they would show the opposing point of view related to “After Tiller.” We are asking that they show the awesome prolife film “40” as part of their programming. After all, PBS certainly doesn’t want to appear that they are being biased, right? Here’s what you do. Go to this link change.org/p/petition-pbs-for-equal-voice-on-the-abortion-debate and sign the petition. I also encourage you to go to PBS’s website and let them know what you think of this decision. pbs.org/ombudsman/feedback.html Make your voice heard.



Do many people think that it’s no longer needed to be ‘pro life’ at birth only? How many individuals that call themselves ‘pro life’ are celebrating the death by murder of Dr. Tillier? Or did at the time he was killed?


As one who is heavily involved in the pro-life ministry and have been so for over 30 years I can tell you that I do not know of a single person in our ministry who celebrated his death . Every single mainline pro-life organization country expressed outrage at his killing.


That is truly wonderful! :slight_smile:

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