PBS "Families that play together grow together"

Wow! What plagerism. It is “a family that prays together stays together.” Why does everything have to be about play. We live modestly and have limited funds for recreational activities, vacations and material goods. No wonder we can never seem to get on top of things. People resort to hurting others so that they can have their play. I’ve been hurt a lot by people posing as decent professionals. Even Christians I’ve known are guilty of this. As long as they to minimum they feel its okay. Yikes. Thought this was an interesting. commercial

PBS should have had its public funding pulled years ago. We have plenty of other options if we want a left leaning source of information. Why must we fund it?

I haven’t seen this, but the text alone is still sending a good message. That is important. It is also true for the most part. I don’t see any reason to get upset.

I don’t know what having money has to do with ‘playing together’ - you can easily play cards as a family, play board games, read, play catch, go to the park, the public beach/pool. These things cost little to no money and are good bonding activities. You don’t need to take a vacation or buy tons of materials objects. I am not sure why you are interpreting this as you must hurt someone else to have your own ‘play’.

OK, I don’t see what you’re throwing a hissy fit about. Parents SHOULD go play with their kids. You can be poor as dirt and still wrestle around in the living room. No, seriously, who spit in your oatmeal this morning? Since when was play hurtful? being Christians doesn’t mean we neglect our children’s emotional need for play time with out parents. trust e, you’d get kids like me, and you don’t WANT kids like me

BTW, plagarism involves copyright. That phrase isn’t copyrighted

I think it’s a lovely message. I love playing board games or tossing the ball around with my nieces and nephews; doing this really has helped our relationship grow, more than if I simply sent them gifts on holidays, etc.

Families that play and grow together has NONE of the impications that “family that prays together stays together”

I’m in publishing and even if the “pray together” was copywrited it’d be a hard sell to any body of authority that this was plagirism. The focus of the PBS slogan is about quality time and growth, the focus of the religious slogan is about a religious experiance providing stability. Two good, but completely seperate things.

Families SHOULD play together. They didn’t say families that “go to disney” or “play milton bradley games” or “ride a suzuki” or anything. Again, they also made no claim to the lasting benefits of play.

Infact most of the time play is free (while entertainment costs)

My grandparents played with me and my brothers, my dad wrestled with my brothers, my mom served tea to me and my dolls. My brothers and I played TOGETHER. Today children are taught to resent their sibilings. So this slogan is actually nicer in a way becuase it encourages familial growth not just togetherness. My grandmom still plays cards with us kids. It’s the best.

Huh… my DH’s martial arts school has bumper stickers that say “The family that kicks together, sticks together.”

I guess it depends on what your family likes to do… and they do it TOGETHER!

I seriously don’t see why anyone would be upset about this. Families should play together rather than having all separate lives and activities. The slogan is merely about the importance of spending time together as a family. As many have mentioned, money or lack thereof has nothing to do with your abillity to play together as a family. I grew up with very little money but my parents and I did lots of fun things together : fishing, camping, board games, playing music, etc. It did make us grow together - we were always close and still are now that I am in my 30s. I don’t see how this is any kind of an “insult” to the “family that prays together stays together”. I think both sayings are very good and very true. Geez.

I think its interesting. No hissy fit goin on here. I made a couple of comments in addition about some things on my mind. Too much time on my hands unemployed at home, taking care of my girler.

Yeah, it seems like the slogan has morphed into so many different sayings. I see no harm in it, either; there is some truth to it, I suppose.

That’s what I really am saying. I’ve been moaping all day, unemployed, nervous about school and working on getting a new roof…:eek: lots of money at a bad time.

Aww, cheer up! Things will get better! :slight_smile:

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