PBS' "God in America"

I've begun to watch it. What are your thoughts on it? Should I watch it?

Overall, it was pretty bad.

I knew PBS would make all the Puritans look weird; and they did.

For a series called “God in America”, the shows are pretty hostile towards religion.

This series of programs, ‘God in America’, is typical PBS, which means the interpretation of the history and historical figures is filtered through handpicked liberal secular humanists intellectuals to the public.

The series ends c. 1988 with Reagan’s second term, and the main conclusion pushed by the commentators interviewed in the series is that there is no role for Christian morality in politics or in the forming of public policy as expressed in our nation’s laws.

The series also skips a few of the major historical figures in American history, such as William Penn, and I don’t think they talked about Rheinhold Niebuhr at all.

William Penn had a dream of establishing a Christian state in the New World.

For many years, he traveled around Europe recruiting Mennonites, Pietists, and other religiously persecuted groups including Quakers (Society of Friends) from his native England and Amish and Anabaptists from Continental Europe to Pennslyvania in order to ensure that it remained Christian.

Does that mean you shouldn’t watch it?

I would still watch it.

The series does contain some interesting facts; but keep in mind that all the religious history is filtered through a bunch of secular liberal humanists who tow the liberal orthodox secular humanist philosophy common in secular humanist university circles.

Don’t let them do your thinking for you and feel free to disagree with them and conclude that the points they are making are so much baloney.

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