PBS launching new conservative political talk show

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Who will be home on Friday night to watch it?
I am glad they are launching a new political conservative talk show, but it may not have much of a chance on a Friday night!

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PBS watching conservatives, that’s who! :slightly_smiling_face: I love it. I used to love that McLaughlin Report with Pat Buchanan and that shrill Newsweek liberal lady, can’t remember her name; she was always screaming at everybody. That was a fun show.

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Eleanor Clift?

Yep, that is it!

Yep, Eleanor Clift :hear_no_evil: and, the show is baaaack ! Here ya’ go with last week’s show…

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Friday night. The night shows move to before being cancelled.

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The host of Week in Review, Bob Acosta I think? - is a National Review alum.

You’d only have to be in front of a viewing device at that time to watch it live. Between their online streaming and their application much of PBS’s programming can be watched on demand or on the go.

PBS streaming is available in the browser or through apps available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and others.

Seriously? Does anyone even watch TV in real time anymore? The show can be recorded, or accessed via the internet at the leisure of the viewer.

After years of rightwing rock throwing at PBS, can they really laud PBS airing a show like this without seeming a little hypocritical…or is government contributions to PBS now not a concern? Just wondering.

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Not if people step up to the 21st century and pull the tin foil off the rabbit ears and embrace technology!

The answer to your question is “yes”. If they feel like PBS is now listening to them and providing a show that represents their views as well, they can certainly be lauded for that. I’m not sure why this would be a difficult concept to understand.

If it’s for a service that caters to EVERYONE and not just some people, it wouldn’t be a concern any longer. Again, not hard to grasp.

I’m sure it is perplexing for some, but I guess its because hypocrosy is often difficult for me to understand.

Right. It is almost like they don’t want a big audience!

I’m guessing it’s because you’re seeing “hypocrisy” where none exists.

I’m sure you are guessing

Likely a good guess. There’s nothing hypocritical about being angry with a station that seems to cater to more liberal agendas, then being happier when that station also throws the conservative side a bone or two.

Or are you suggesting that those folks who were angry at PBS must ALWAYS be angry at PBS to be consistent? Because that in itself is a logical inconsistency.

No. not all…but I am certainly suggesting it is not difficult to figure who is going to have issues with anyone who is not following the recent conservative talking points…which includes disdain for PBS…oh for the days of intellectual conservatives, the likes of Wm. Buckley, and patriotic conservatives like Barry Goldwater…instead our once cherished GOP has been usurped by a new breed.

…but the conversation was about conservatives being happier, not having issues…

Neither party is the same. Everyone is polarized and reactionary to the extreme, and it started before Trump ever announced he was even running.

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