PBS program about the Mormons.


There will be a PBS series about the mormons. The linked site has a trailer to watch. I think that many of you will find the program very interesting.


Click the picture of the two missionaries walking at dusk.


Frontline is a very good series. I’ve seen less of American Experience, but what I have seen has been worth watching. I expect that a joint production of this 4 hour (in two parts) show will be exacting and interesting.

But I can’t help but wonder… why now? Is there a significant anniversary? What prompted the producers to make this film now, as opposed to earlier or later?


Because there’s a mormon running for president.

I trust PBS as far as I can throw it, but I will watch the series out of curiousity.


Well, I sure hope it’s better than that awful Joseph Smith bio-pic they ran a few years ago. That was one of the silliest programs I’ve seen - and not always accurate.
It was quite obviously all produced and written by mormons since it painted Smith a person with absolutely no imperfections at all.
And painted him with a golden aura around him - sort of like a halo.
I’ll watch this new one and hope it sticks to the true history of mormonism.


probably now for several reasons, one being MItt Romney’s run for the presidency and another because of movies that are coming out that don’t depict mormons in the best light.


The LDS always depicts mormonism that way. There is a good director who is telling things like it is and the mormons don’t like him now. His name is Richard Dutcher.


Just reading that little blurb on that site makes me a little weary.

This four-hour documentary brings together FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE in their first co-production to provide a searching portrait of this fascinating but often misunderstood religion. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Helen Whitney, the film will explore the richness, the complexities, and the controversies of the Mormons’ story as told through interviews with leaders and members of the church, with leading writers and historians, and with supporters and critics of the Mormon faith.

I’d like to see something that doesn’t sugar coat or skip the questionable areas of the religion. We’ll see.


I grew up in an area that had a high concentration of Mormons, therefore the high school I went to was heavily populated with them. I played football and there was about twenty or so kids on the team that were Mormon. What is weird is that I didn’t really know they were Mormon when I was in HS. They were normal people, did normal High School/teenage stuff (went to parties, dated, ect. ect.) and I wasn’t religious in any way so it never struck me to ask or even take interest. I am sure people can say the same thing about some Catholics they knew in HS.

I didn’t catch on to how many of the kids from my HS (including my good friends) were mormon until about the last three weeks of school. Our school put up this huge poster of the United States and put a mark where students were going to college and there were about 10-15 or so marks for Utah (BYU) while most Universities had 1 maybe 2 marks. I asked a friend why so many were going to BYU and he said something along the lines that it was because they are Mormon, and he wondered how I didn’t know all those kids were Mormon and that there were many more. I remember telling him, “probably because I don’t care.”

Anyways I don’t know how I feel about Mormonism, but looking back at my experience in HS, Mormons are ok people. However this wouldn’t stop me from talking to them about Catholicism.

God bless


The trailer suggests that this will be a fair presentation. I wouldn’t miss it.

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