PBS Show "To the Contrary"

Today on the PBS women’s roundtable show “To the Contrary” a Kennedy woman (Kathleen Kennedy something or other) was bashing the “Church she loves.” She claimed that the male-dominated hierarchy dismiss women entirely, and are obsessed with “small things” like controlling our reproduction and issues like abortion. (Like abortion is a “small thing!”) It was such a scandal, I wanted to vomit! She also said that all the nuns she talked to said they just ignore the hierarchy altogether and do what they want. WHAT??? Thank goodness one of the women on the panel defended the Church. This is the stuff that makes my blood boil! I am a “young” woman in the Church, and I do not feel “dominated” or oppressed- I absolutely LOVE all aspects of the Church’s teaching. Why can’t these people just run off and join the church they really want - the Episcopal Church- and leave Catholic doctrine alone???:mad:

It is PBS. What else do you expect.

It’s so frustratring, isn’t it? I wish I could remember the deatails, (lately my memory is terrible) but it’s funny that just in the last week or two I read something similar about Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. I think it was just an article in the paper where she was quoted saying similar things. I was dissapointed. It seems like now she’s on a different sort of campaign…

Yes, she seems to be on a campaign to bring down “the Church she loves.” I wonder if she and Frances Kissling are friends.

:rolleyes: Yawwwwwwwwn.

She is also a Kennedy (Robert Kennedy’s daughter) so what else do you expect. She embraces the god of the Democratic party and NOT the God of her church. And yes she beleives little of what actually is church teaching. She should just be honest with herself and join the Episcopal Church where they have embrased the liberalism so important to her. I would have more respect for her is she did than to be a dissernter from the inside insisting the church should change on issues she clearly can’t change on. Another cultural catholic who wants to make the church into her own image instead of conforming her mind to that of the church and of Christ’s. I don’t think Jesus would be open to abortion as a negotiable issue as Kennedy thinks it should be.

I’d have more respect for her as well if she’d just be honest abd join the Episcopal Church. Some one needs to sit down and tell her, “dear, even though you are a Kennedy, the Church simply isn’t going to change for you.”

Well said! :rotfl:

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