PC games - anything good of late?

The lack of anything good to play has been a pain lately. On the other hand, I’ve been disappointed with some of the new releases. Played anything worth recommending out of the relatively new releases (2007 onward unless it’s really good)?

I’m thinking about Europa Universalis III but I’m not sure I still enjoy enlarging my part of the map. Games like the Total War series don’t give me the same kind of joy (and I’m pretty dis-joyed by a brothel apparently being a constitutive part of a mediaeval city :rolleyes:)… some modules for Neverwinter Nights 1-2 are rather good, but they’re gapfill. I enjoyed Colin McRae 2005, but it was rather bland. And I don’t have the attention span for Civilization IV.

I enjoyed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1-2 (shame there’s no 3) and Mass Effect. I just love a good science-fiction, especially a space opera kind of storyline. Fallout 3 wasn’t bad, but I lost interest before finishing. And I don’t feel like replaying old games or playing abandonware right now.

Ermm… Maybe Age of Empires 3 then (I loved 1-2)? Mount & Blade seems to be interesting but there’s something wrong about it… don’t know… Turkish origin, as in whether they’d be able to understand Western chivalry?

Or maybe the Lords of the Rings games? Never played any of those, as much as I loved the books and films. Though I don’t feel like playing an MMO, got to be something singleplayer.

So, what’ve you played? And liked?

I recently bought a two pack with both Oblivion and Bioshock for 30 dollars. I love Oblivion so far, but all the wandering around makes it feel like a waste of time. I haven’t installed Bioshock yet, but I’m sure you know how well people liked that game.

I’m trying to play video games less, though. I could be doing other things instead of sitting on my butt for hours. Bye!

I play “Lord of the Rings Online”, and I love it. It is a multi player game, but if you like playing solo, that is no problem. You can do probably about 80 percent of the game by yourself, and 100 percent if you skip the epic quests (the ones that follow the books). For me roaming around Tolkien’s Middle Earth and seeing the things that he described in his books is just so much fun! I don’t have a lot of time to play, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it. I believe you can get a free trial at the moment, you could always look into that. :slight_smile:

Crysis is awesome, but try before you buy:


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Age of Empires 3 is a good game. I wasn’t too keen on it at first because they now have guns etc. But it turned out to be a good game. Even offline its still a good game. You can’t say that about too many online based games. Myself. I’m a huge fan of fps games. I just loaded up americas army 3. it’s ok. But it’s a new game which still need some bugs worked out. I’m just waiting for battlefield 3 to come out. I’m drooling at the mouth for that one (literally)…lol

I like Age of Empires 3 as well! It’s fun to build a little community and watch them go about their business, farming, chopping wood, and such. If you like that kind of game, Empire Earth might also be of interest to you. It’s comparable, although I think the graphics in AoE 3 are much more impressive.

Fallout 3, The Sims 3, Bioshock, and of course The Orange Box, which has the best FPS ever Half Life 2 and both it’s expansions so far(a third one is planned), TF2( a fun multiplayer game), and Portal(A short but amazing puzzle game).

I saw a few games mentioned and thought I would share my opinion…

Oblivion is a good game, there is no denying that. However for me personally I was extremely disappointed with it. Morrowind, the Elder Scrolls game right before Oblivion, is my favorite game of all time and frankly I didn’t think Oblivion measured up at all. It is enjoyable and well made, but don’t be fooled…it’s much more of an action game than an rpg. Scaling ruined the game in my opinion.

Lord of the Rings online is a fun MMO for the most part. So is Warhammer Online, and the upcoming Aion. However as far as MMO’s go (and I have played a lot of them), WoW is simply the best there is, and unless you have friends that play those other MMO’s I would say playing any MMO besides WoW would be a slight waste of money. That is just my opinion obviously, but I think the numbers back me up.

Age of Empires 3 is a good game. I personally didn’t like it as much as Age of Empires II (which is another one of my favorite games of all time), but that actually has a lot more to do with the era it is set in. I find Medieval times to be more interesting than colonial times.

But honestly, I have to agree with you that nothing all that great has come out lately. Admittedly I haven’t played many games lately, I’ve been too distracted by watching movies, but I do keep up with it from time to time and nothing has caught my eye. The only thing that really has me excited is The Old Republic, but I really doubt when it comes out I will have the time to play an MMO.

Thanks, guys!

I think I’m going to get AoE3 as soon as they offer a full pack. I’m waiting for The Old Republic and Mass Effect 2 but it’s going to take a while. Meantime, I’ve been thinking about getting downloadable adventures for Fallout 3, but suddenly it just doesn’t seem to be doing it for me. Best evidence is that I still can’t get around to finishing the game (got it in November or so).

On the car side, they say Burnout is good, as well as the cheap Outrun, Race 07: The WTCC Game, then Test Drive Unlimited. Frankly, there’s too much for me to choose from. And then there’s Trackmania and Colin McRae Dirt. And 4x4 Hummer. I fear I’d just be rolling dice to make the decision. Has anyone played any of these?

I’ve bought a few new single player games recently (mostly I play Final Fantasy XI online).

  1. Ghostbusters for PC - Man, this game is tough on the hardware. I have a 1+ year old Dell PC (Core 2 Quad processor with 2+ GB RAM, dedicated graphics card, etc) and Ghostbusters is nearly unplayable on it even with all the graphics features turned down. I can manage to play through the first few levels (which were kinda fun), but once you get to the level with Stay-puff it becomes unplayable. Don’t bother with this game unless you have a smoking good game rig.

  2. Spore - This is a Maxis game and was pretty fun. You start the game by designing a little single cell creature and go around eating food and gathering points to “evolve” your creature. As you gain evolution points, you can customize your creature with various body parts to increase its ability to survive. Gradually, you evolve your creature from single cell life to pre-civilization land dweller, then prehistoric civilization creature, then a modern creature, and finally space age (at which point you can design a spaceship to leave your world and explore the galaxy). Each stage of evolution has a different style of game play, so it keeps things fresh until you enter the space age. At that point, the game becomes open ended. This is also the point at which the game gets kinda stale. I’d say the first 20 hours of gameplay are fun though.

  3. Age of Empires 3 - I agree with the consensus; this is a very fun game with some improved game mechanics and graphics. AoE 2 was better though, because knights and medieval civilizations just rule! :knight1:

  4. Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 - If you like games like Age of Empires and enjoy LoTR mythology, you will enjoy this game. I really liked the “Risk” type game mode that comes with this game. This mode features a large map of Middle earth divided into a grid. You control an army (or armies if you want to have multiple factions) and face off against your opponent by trying to grab as many territories as possible. Territories give unique bonuses to your overall strength and resources and can provide unique strongholds as well (such as Helm’s Deep, Rivendell, Moria, Gondor, etc). If your army occupies an enemy territory that has a garrison or enemy army in it, the game goes from map mode into RTS mode and you fight for the territory.

I love LoTR so this was lots of fun. Be sure to pick up the expansions as well once you beat the campaign.

If you enjoy RTS games, check out Dawn of War and Dawn of War II. The first is more traditional, with base building, etc. The second is almost entirely about the strategic command elements, lots of squad customization, etc. Plus if you enjoy sci fi, the Warhammer 40k universe is a pretty good bet.

Somebody else mentioned the Orange Box, which I’ll second, with extreme emphasis on Portal. The main game will probably take you less than 3 hours, but those 3 hours will be some of the best gaming you’ve ever experienced.

Even though it’s one of my favorite RPGs, my only complain with TES4 (Oblivion) is that the main quest is far too short. It uses a very cliched “find the heir!”, “go beat the baddie that we can’t and we’ll marvel at your greatness!”, “go fetch!” storyline with an rather anti-climatic ending (you don’t exactly DO anything… just run around). BTW, there’s a bar/small eater called “Luther Broad” (you find a monk/priest named Martin…), and a cave (ruins) called “Vahtecan” (Mages Guild quest/puzzle to find an item). Not sure if there’s a message there… :hmmm:.

But, needless to say, the ability to modify the game (Game Construction Kit is available online) is nice, and you can make your own lands, buildings, quests and so on.

I haven’t seen any other good games for the PC, though. There was Crysis a few years back, but the editor that comes with the demo is more fun (and you can play the game in the editor!).

There’s apparently a new Sim City like game coming out, but it seems to be multiplayer (it’s in beta right now). AoE3 doesn’t seem as good as the previous ones, judging from the demo, and I didn’t like the interface/map view, either.

Sims 3 is also out, but only get it if you like building houses. I’m waiting for it to be under $20 on Amazon.com (used). I don’t think it’s worth the $50.

I enjoyed the main quest in ES4, it’s story wasn’t exactly it’s main selling point, but it was good for what it was. I liked the ending, it was unexpected and different. Obviously such an open ended game won’t have an epic ending.

Fallout 3 is better however IMO. Mass Effect and Dead Space are both great as well if you have a gamepad.

Another Simcity? I haven’t heard anything other than rumors which nothing ever came of sadly. The last one was SimCity Creator for the Wii.

Starcraft 2 comes out this year. That is going to be fantastic.

Not another Simcity, but a game like it. Cities XL I think? They just recently had an online beta testing session.

I would second dawn of war 1 and dawn of war 2. Then are very good games

Been a while! Only really played Tropico 3 and Warcraft 3 for lack of time. Anything worthwile among the latest releases? Don’t mind the genre, I need to branch out a bit anyway, I’m simply wondering if anyone has come across anything not particularly offensive, which is kinda what I need at the moment (i.e. no scantily clad girls, even if they won’t tempt me, no extreme cussing, even though it won’t scandalise me or make me any worse than I already am, no dirty bloodbaths, even though I’ve already seen most of it, etc., in other words, something easy on a Catholic but not a kid game).

Avernum and Geneforge series. Geneforge is available on a CD with all five games of the series (I recommend starting with the original–game play improves massively with IV & V, but the story is too good to be missed). Wonderful games with some strong moral dilemma (and no one side is really ‘white hat’). It is not going to please people who judge games on ‘eye-candy’ value, but it is SO worth playing.

Avernum, I haven’t played the last game of the series because I’m a Windows person, but I’m really looking forward to it.

All games are available as shareware–free demo which is fully functional for a segment of the game (I forget where the shareware barriers are, but you get a lot of play before you run into those barriers, enough to decide that yes, these games are worth the money).
Avernum 1-3 are $25/each or on a CD with those three games for $45; Avernum 4-6 are $28/each and the trilogy CD is $55 (but again, I think the trilogy CD will only be Mac for a few months); Geneforge 1-3 are $25 each, 4 & 5 are $28 each, but you can also get a CD with all 5 games for $75. No, I don’t work for Spiderweb Software–I just love the games (and they do have super customer support).

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