PCOS and Pregnancy


I was diagnosed with PCOS two years ago and I've been on birth control pills and spironolactone, 200mg a day. I am a single woman, never married; my parish priest knows that I am on birth control for hormone therapy and has given me permission to use them. I am not insulin resistant, nor do I have diabetes.

I've been thinking ahead in the future about what would happen to me when I do get married. I am aware that spironlactone is highly dangerous to take while conceiving a child (infant boys will not develop testes/severe deformities, etc.) and from what I've read online, if a woman gets pregnant and is on the drug, she has to have a mandatory abortion. I obviously wouldn't want this to happen.

The other problem is that I know that my future husband would not be allowed to use condoms or to have himself "pull out" or any other type of birth control. So I would risk getting pregnant every time I had intercourse with him and with my daily medications running inside my system, thus risking congenital deformities, etc...

I also know that if I had a daughter, I would be passing PCOS to her because it is congenital. I wouldn't want my daughter to have this syndrome.

I don't want to stop taking my medications because they help me so much. My PCOS is very severe.

Because of everything I have just stated, I've personally decided to remain celibate for the rest of my life. Am I being too over dramatic? Am I being responsible? Am I going against God's Will or is it God's Will to not want me to become a mother? Should I get a hysterectomy? My mother had one because her PCOS became worse during menopause, she had huge cysts.

I really would like to hear everyone's opinions, especially from other women that have PCOS. Thanks. :)


I have PCOS…

For me, I believe Birth control made things worse. FOR ME… The other drug… is that for hair? Given the damage it could cause a fetus, IF I were to be sexually active, I’d drop the drug. Not sure what you’re taking it for however. Medically necessary vs. cosmetically “necessary”…

I highly recommend that you go to http:www.soulcysters.net

They are totally versed in PCOS…all the ladies there have it!

AND there is a religious section, so you can talk with lots of ladies that are also Practicing Catholics.

Since you’re single, I would not exactly be worried about a life of celebacy. It’s appropriate right now regardless of your condition.

IF there is a MR. right out there for you, he will be understanding of your medical condition. Although It can be really bad, it’s certainly not the worst thing out there. You may actually have a hard time concieving, anyhow. Especially if it’s really bad. And so you may truly be cutting yourself off from the possability of having a wonderful spouse because YOU MIGHT be able to have a child.

That said, with regard to passing on the condition. Again, it bites! But it’s not the worst in the world. I have it… NO ONE else in my family has it. I’m not sure how the percentages go from mom to daughter… so it’s worth considering. Or just being very aware of.

Should you have a hysterectomy? That’s between you and your Dr. and what is medically appropriate. I suspect my uterus, and at least one ovary will be taken in the next several years. And well, if having kids wasn’t such a big deal to me, I might have consented EARLIER… my cycle is the PITS. I’m in pain OFTEN! It gets ugly! I have one ovary that doesn’t seem to give me physical pain. I’d like to keep it for the hormones. But the uterus that takes on fybroids, and tries to throw them off, and the ovary that seems like it’s trying to evacuate… Yeah… TAKE EM!!! Quality of life is ick! But I’ve got my kiddos… I wouldn’t be horrified over it.

I don’t know that you’re being dramatic… Hyper responsive maybe… And that could be the surge of hormones you could be dealing with today… Do you WANT to be a mother. All else aside? Could you see yourself adopting if your body doesn’t cooperate one way or the other…

Don’t jump to write your story because you think you HAVE to… Stay aware. Should you stumble on Mr. right. Be forthcoming with info. Pray, seek councel. As you get older you will figure out how to move forward…

Hope that helps a little… Best!


I too have very severe PCOS, and there are other, non-birth-control treatments for it.

You might get in touch with the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha - they're experts, and don't use BC to treat it.

But yeah, I think your concerns are pretty common. I'm a single lady too, and I've wondered about some of the same things.


My mom's chiropractor says she has helped many women with PCOS without birth control pills. Maybe you might want see one or a naturopath.


[quote="lllIIIlIlIlIlI, post:1, topic:213726"]
I also know that if I had a daughter, I would be passing PCOS to her because it is congenital. I wouldn't want my daughter to have this syndrome.


I thought it was 50% chance because it was genetic. Double-check with your doctor.


I have PCOS and am married, I conceived a daughter while taking 1000mg Metformin a day and she's now a happy and healthy one-year-old. I understand that your PCOS can be severe, but do you absolutely need to take the drugs when/if you get married? I know with hirtuism there are other ways you can reduce it other than taking drugs.

I would also recommend soulcysters and losing weight - if you need to - is a great symptom improver.

I have also been told the liklihood of your child having PCOS is 50%. My twin sister doesn't have PCOS so if it were me (and I have had to make this choice already, being a parent) I would take that chance. PCOS isn't the end of the world and there is a lot you can do to control your symptoms.

Have you read Collette Harris's and Teresa Cheung's PCOS Handbook? If not, get it!

I'm sorry if you feel I am preaching to the converted - I just wanted to help....


Hi, I don’t have PCOS myself but I do have a very dear friend with it. There are other methods of treating it than birth control pills. Like some others said, PCOS can cause a lot of problems with fertility. My friend did not have periods hardly ever. Rarely ovulated. However, with the help of Catholic doctors who knew the church’s teachings and by learning what was okay herself she was able to get help from other doctors as well and she was able to conceive and bear children which was one of her heart’s desires. In fact, she just had her sixth baby. Read Marilyn Shannon’s book for starters.

I think the issue is not whether you want to “possibly” pass on PCOS. We all have different conditions that cause us to suffer in life, all of them a result of original sin. Is life still worth living? Is God’s grace sufficient for me? I have suffered from chronic depression since adolescence and for me it was a real turning point to say even with what I have suffered, life is worth living, and to be willing to have children is to say with God, life is still good. Incidentally, my oldest daughter also suffered depression in her teen years and having walked in those shoes, I was able to be compassionate and get her the care I didn’t get when I was her age. She is doing better now.

Now it may be that you don’t feel called to marriage and do feel called to single life. If I were you, I would continue to pray about it. What is your heart’s desire?

God be with you as you seek his will.


I have PCOS. I was diagnosed with it at 16. It isn’t severe in the sense that I don’t have the normal “symptoms” i.e. overweight, bad acne, etc. However, it was severe in the sense that it prevented me from having a menstrual cycle for more than 3 times a year (about every 100 days or so). Another poster suggested the Pope Paul VI Institute. This is the organization that created NaproTechnology and the Creighton Model System. This changed my life. My husband and I are now expecting our first child. We were able to do this naturally and with me having PCOS. It was a miracle (in my opinion) and a gift from God that I was introduced to this as well as having a Napro doctor nearby! I hope even if you do decide to remain celibate for the rest of your life, that you seriously consider looking into this. This website gives some more info on NaproTechnology. I hope you find it helpful. naprotechnology.com/

God Bless!



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