PDF of the 1962 Missale Romanum online! [Fr. Z]

Jeffrey Tucker of New Liturgical Movement has done us a great service.

The 1962 *Missale Romanum *is now online in PDF format.


It’ll take a while to download for some people: 79.02 mb

Worth the wait.

Full entry…

1088 pages @ 80 MB, but otherwise **very cool!
**Includes the graphic images too.

Seems to be some odd combination of scan (e.g., line separators) and OCR (Latin can be selected and copied). The text inside images can be selected and copied.

Here’s the graphic header for the
Die 25 decembris

on page 17 of the book (page 98 of the pdf). I did this as a quick test of data accessibility.

I’m waiting for the movie.


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