PDF of the Readings of the Day?


Is there a site with the verses for the readings of the day in a semi-compact format? I’m looking to read the Daily Mass readings from a Bible.


My church publishes the bible readings for each Mass in the weekly bulletin, so we too can look up the bible verses. I enjoy doing that for understanding the context of what is being said.

Here is a peek at our bulletin:


I’m looking for a longer amount of time. Thanks though.


Not a pdf, but it’s very compact if you’re willing to read it on your phone.


The USCCB also tweets the readings each day.


Not the reading itself, the verses.


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops publishes a liturgical calendar in PDF every year that lists just the verses, here. However, it is not in a format that I would call semi-compact as their 2018 liturgical calendar is 44 pages long.

A Catholic Moment website publishes a monthly calendar of the verses in PDF, here.

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