Peaceful Muslims greet churchgoers outside mass at Westminster Cathedral


How incredibly thoughtful of them! We need to remind ourselves that the general Muslim population is still on OUR side.


Well, not ‘on our side’. I agree, though, that they’re peaceable people, trying to dilute the current tension. Bless their souls, and may they come by the Truth.


Aw, isn’t that nice? And it looks like they put on their “Sunday Best” as well.


Well, it seems they dont know the difference between Rome and the Vatican City State.

Wait a minute! I forgot the reason for all this again…turn on tv and hear more spin Oh, yes this is not representative of Islam and they have a right to be upset now.

short term brainwashing effects wear off now

Shucks. Its not even fun anymore to talk about people who really just need to excersise use of their Allah given brain.


A question for any Brit out there…Is it legal in Britain to go about masked? I find that they were able to parade about with only their eyes showing to be most disturbing and cowardly. If you are going to protest then show your face.


Someone should make a sign that says
and be waiting outside of Church on sunday.

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