Pease pray for a cure for homosexuality

I have faith that a cure is coming, sooner or later, and there have been major scientific breakthroughs reported in 2015 that may make it possible.

these breakthroughs involve techniques for modifying a person’s DNA and an announcement has been made that the “epigenome” has been mapped 100%. These are developments that may offer hope for genetically linked diseases.

There has to be a physical basis for the homosexual disorder, that is so widespread in occurrence over centuries of time. It just doesn’t seem that it’s anybody’s choice to have a homosexual orientation. (It is a choice to turn against religion to live out a gay lifestyle, because most of the greatest religions are opposed to homosexual conduct. For the part of homosexual lifestyle that depends on a person’s free will, Christ is the answer.)

A question to ponder: if a cure for homosexuality became available, how many people would seek that cure for themselves?

First, the scientists need to define what the chemical basis of homosexuality is, and then second, figure out how they can manipulate things to a heterosexual orientation.

At all the levels of the problem, Christ is the answer. please pray for a cure, soon.



Dear Lord of the Heavens and Earth. I now come to you in great need. I am in temptation of homosexuality. I ask that you would help me to fight this battle. I now acknowledge that homosexuality is a great sin. I acknowledge that this sin could cost me eternal salvation. I ask that you would begin to heal the wounds in my heart which opened my life up to this type of lifestyle. Help me to know that you are a Healing God and desire for all your children to live in the peace and power that you paid a great price for at Calvary.
I now take authority over these wrong thoughts of homosexuality. I choose to confess that each time I am tempted I will rebuke these wrong thoughts. Satan you are the father of homosexuality. I now command that you leave my mind, my body and my emotions. You have no power over me. I now confess that I have a sound mind. Each time the temptation comes to have these wrong lusts I will rebuke the wrong thought and choose to take on a Holy thought.
In the Mighty power of Jesus I break all soul-ties between me and all homosexual lovers. I renounce the ties these people would try to put on my life. Dear Lord, I now ask forgiveness for all homosexual activity, present and past. Your Holy Bible tells us that when we confess our sins we are washed whiter than snow. I now thank you for your great forgiving power. Give me the power to not turn back to this sin. Help me to remember your bible says that apart from you we can do nothing. I now ask for the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to fill me and help me to fight this battle. I ask all this in Jesus’ Holy name.

SSA occurs in approximately 2.1% of the general population, but at a rate of 30% among children [adopted and biological] of homosexual parents…this disparity leads one to believe that this behavior can be learned…

Let’s all pray that we can all in the here and now and in the future, resist the temptation to commit any sort of sexual sin.

It is a disordered desire, not a disease. The Church has never taught that it is a disease to have same-sex attraction. Homosexuality, on the other hand (actually acting on the desire), is gravely sinful.

The desire for it is similar to pornography addiction. The act is similar, although arguably more grave, to adultery or other habitual sins of grave matter.

You can’t “cure” something like this with science. It is not genetic. It is a disordered desire, not a disease.

We all have disordered desires. Either we will cooperate with supernatural grace from God, or we will not. God will give grace to overcome any disordered desire, including same-sex attraction.

God’s will is to heal those who have participated in the gravely sinful acts of homosexuality, and only the Blood of Christ can heal them. They need baptism, and if they have already been baptized they need confession instead. They need supernatural faith as well.

The natural law in someone that is written in their heart by God tells them that it is evil. Satan knows that. The right lies can help them along the path to damnation, as Satan knows all too well.

I remember the first time someone showed me pornography when I was a kid, I knew it was evil. It wasn’t something I had to be taught. And I know that it is evil now. But still, if I believed the lies of the Devil and cultivated such a desire, soon I would no longer know it was evil. I would say “who am I hurting?” Or “I was born with this desire.” Homosexuality is not different from this.

The last I knew, homosexuality is not a “disease” that needs to be cured. The autism spectrum falls in the same category. God makes us how He wants to. How we handle the crosses He gives us is our choice due to His gift of free will.

That is the popular theory, but one still must admit that it is against nature. And it is also against God’s plan for the family. I doubt that it is a learned behavior. According to the bible, it is nothing new. I suspect that it may have originated in the time of Noah when there was a prevalence of evil and sin.The cure for it is the blood of Jesus.


I think the question is not about the actual behavior. I agree that the actual behavior (i.e., homosexual acts) certainly can be learned, but that doesn’t get to the root of the problem - the attractions themselves. The better questions really are along the lines of, what are the nature of these attractions, and what causes them?

I mean, you can pray for a “cure” to homosexuality, or more specifically, a “cure” of the attractions themselves, if you’d like - I mean, I guess everything’s possible with God, right? - but I’m not sure it could really come in the form of an “medicine” or something of the sort. I think the nature of the attractions make it close to impossible to actually completely get rid of them. Again, I acknowledge that if God so chooses He can take them away and I’m open to Him doing that, but at least in my own experience and in my own understanding of how SSA develops in a person, it’s not something that can just be “cured” - aside from a direct divine intervention, all we can really do is just learn how to best deal with having the attractions, and all we as a society can do is try to make sure such people aren’t being unjustly treated in any form, since no one should be treated unjustly.

So I think the better prayer would be for people with SSA to live chaste lives and that they find the fellowship and support that they need in living a Christ-centered, selfless life.


Is the 2.1% for SSA or homosexuality? It is entirely possible for celibate gay Catholics to be…well, celibate…which means NO BEHAVIOR…where do celibate gay Catholics fit into the 2.1% and the notion of “SSA”?


What about celibate homosexuals? Celibate gay Catholics aren’t acting on any behaviors.

Furthermore, many people with, quote unquote, “same sex attraction” deny they’re even gay. Therefore, do you differentiate between “SSA” and homosexuality or are they synonymous?


I’ll try to answer your question randomuser:
“Homosexual” or “gay” or “straight” or “bisexual” are terms the Church has avoided because as a group we are skeptical of the relatively recent need to organize every sexual impulse you’ve ever had into a finite (even if ever growing) list of labels, which will then constitute some new identity for you.

Most Catholics in general prefer, “experiencing SSA,” because, well, lots of people probably experience some form of SSA at some point and it doesn’t change who they are, or move them into a new magic list somewhere.

As for the the numbers you are seeing (2.1 is from Gallup I think?), they generally reflect respondent identification. For instance, the CDC did a survey in 2014 where they found that 1.6% of Americans identified as “gay or lesbian” when that was an option for their survey along with the options “straight,” “bisexual,” “something else” or “don’t know/ refuse”.

So, are there people who are exclusively attracted to members of the same sex and don’t find the opposite sex sexually appealing at all, who refused to answer or answered “something else,” on that survey because they rejected the label “gay?” Maybe. But it’s pretty clear what the pollster meant, for one. And “something else,” and “don’t know/ refuse” were combined only 1%. So, even if (ridiculously) every single one was a Catholic who had SSA, that 2.1% wouldn’t be far off.

Point being, that 1.6% number seems a pretty reliable indicator of how many people experience exclusively SSA strongly enough that they categorize themselves for the purpose of the study as “gay or lesbian.”

Anyway, “homosexuality” is used by some people to describe a type of activity, and some a type of person. Personally, I avoid the term altogether.

But, I repeat:

Let’s all pray that we can all in the here and now and in the future, resist the temptation to commit any sort of sexual sin

A disease? That needs to be cured??!

Oh, no…no…no. Please, no.

I implore and beseech you not to think this.


I will pray, for all that have homosexual problems,but in the mean time, pray to Our Lady and say the Rosary,to ask her son Jesus to help you and all homosexual,s,turn you,s away from doing it. :gopray2::gopray2::gopray2:

Genetics is extremely complicated and multi-factorial.

Here is an example, heart disease: heart disease (let’s say plaque build up specifically) has a life style component (your diet, exercise, level, etc.), a genetic component (the genes and various inherited factors from parents), environmental factors and epigenetics. All these factors play a role in the manifestation of plaque build up, but the importance of each risk factor is different for different individuals (Not to mention different genes affect the importance of other genes). A simple model often used is a certain threshold is needed to be crossed for the disease to occur. So a person with certain genetic factors, might start at a higher baseline than another person but other factors are often needed for disease to manifest (and what those other factors are is still being investigated and not completely understood).

So, sexuality, which is a cognitive thing, there are multiple factors that people have looked into. There is believed to be a possible genetic component, environmental, possible social environmental (like possibly parent relationship), embryology development (the child’s environment during development or possible mutations that can occur during early development), and probable other factors (like epigenetics). The various important of each factor is unknown and the importance for different individuals is probably variable. More than likely a combination of said factors is needed in a particular way that lead to SSA. So saying something is not genetic isn’t quite simple as most diseases are not inherited like an autosomal recessive pattern. I really don’t like the disease analogy either. It’s just the particular cross I carry.

On another note, praying for people to have strength to carry their crosses is an awesome idea :).

I agree with you on the point that SSA goes against natural law and acting on the inclination in gravely sinful. What I disagree with is that SSA is purely a genetic condition. I do believe there is a nurture component, and many identical twins studies point to that (will reference if needed).

This scenario has played out with a close family member.

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen

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