Pectoral cross over the chasuble

… is it ever correct? I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone, but I am curious.

I believe so, yes. uncommon, but Ok.

Bishops certainly do it. So do some Eastern priests.

The Ceremonial of Bishops (like the GIRM, but governing liturgies with a bishop) says: “The pectoral cross is to be worn under the chasuble, dalmatic, or cope, but over the mozzetta.” (CB 61)

So unless there’s some correction to this elsewhere, the chasuble is supposed to be on top of the pectoral cross. This is for the Latin Rite only.

There is. The CDW permitted it (in Notitiae) for concelebrations to distinguish the bishop from other concelebrants.

Aha, that’s both of the pieces of information I wanted. Thanks!

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