Peculiar question on relics

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So…a third class relic is “any object that is touched to a first- or second-class relic” (where “a first-class relic [includes] the physical remains of a saint”).

Now, the chalice, paten, ciborium, pix, and monstrance are objects that come in contact with the body of Our Lord.

Can they then be honored, in a sense, as “third class relics” of Our Lord?

No they are not considered “relics” but are handled or should be handled with respect since they are “Sacramentals”.

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I want to clarify that a third class relic is one in which has been touched to a first class relic not a second class one. Also as Jerry said they are not relics. The Eucharist is of course the body(and blood and soul and divinity) of our Lord but it itself is not a “first class” relic. The reason being is because relics are not alive, a first class relic of a saint is a “dead” part of their body, it is not living. The Eucharist physically is the living body of our Lord not a dead body and therefore it is not a relic and if it’s not a first class relic then things touching it would not become third class relics. However as Jerry said these items are to be treated reverently.

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Relics of Our Lord are considered first class relics and so are the weapons used against martyrs.

There are no relics of our Lord. First class relics are body parts.

You also have to bear in mind that the Church does not have any doctrine on relics or even any documents of any kind classifying relics.

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