Pediatricians: Abstinence on the Rise



A new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that nearly 60 percent of high school students today have never had sex – an increase of 28 percent since 1991.





That’s good to know. However I would be a little skeptical of how “abstinence” was defined. Some researchers have found that teenagers engage in non-procreative sexual acts and still consider themselves “abstinent” as in “saving their physical virginity for marriage”. Do you have a link to the full study? :slight_smile:


I do not know whether to trust this statement or not, it almost sounds too good to be true, I mean, look at how sex has become so pervasive in our society in just the last 15-20 yrs, kids are being introduced to it earlier and earlier, and then they come out and expect us to believe abstinence is on the rise…?? LOL

When a society continually distances itself from God and morality, should anyone really expect things like this to get better?


On the other hand,when the pendulum does begin its return, where would it begin, if not with the kids?

Maybe the vaunted youth ability to ignore the older generation is kicking in, as they see the older generations’ obsession with sexuality in a score of contorted forms?



Maybe they are not ignoring the older generation. Maybe they have seen the kind of damage brought about by poor decision making concerning sex. Maybe they have seen or even have been victims to the repurcussions brought about by sexually irresponsible behavior.

A lot of kids and adults have been brought up in single parent households.


Yep. This. Many will engage in petting, oral sex and even “dry” sex (sex with clothes on :rolleyes:) and still call themselves “chaste” or “abstinent.” Catholic definition is much different than secular definition.


Having a senior just graduated from high school, I can believe this statistic with reservations (I imagine my definition of abstinence and theirs vary a bit). But truthfully, I know many smart, mature, involved teens who, very simply, decided they didn’t have time for a relationship and all it would seem to require and thus deliberately did not date or go beyond casual friendship. (35 hours of school time, 10 to 18 hours of practice time, 13 to 20 hours of homework, 8 to 16 hours of employment and/or 8 to 10 hours of volunteering each week - sleep often becoming optional - and I mean they legitimately did not have time or energy for relationships).

Add in those who also were receiving strong Christian messages from their families and pastors, and you have a solid core group following - if not full believing in - abstinence…at least until college.

I also wonder how many saw the complications casual intimacy has had on parents, older siblings, etc. and they decide it’s just not worth it.


I agree that a decline in teens having sexual intercourse may not be the same as a decline in teens being unchaste, and wonder about the definition of “sex” used in this poll. I also wonder about whether some of these teens might be substituting porn and “cybersex” for sexual relationships, as part of a general tendency to prefer “virtual” relationships though social media, text messaging, etc., to actual face to face relationships. There’s a lot of polls about Millenials having more Facebook friends than real friends, etc.

Now, I suppose from a secular POV, a teenage virgin who has never had sex but is addicted to online porn is still preferable to a sexually active teenager at risk of STDs, pregnancy, etc. But certainly, I’ve read enough on CAF to know that many Catholics would actually have more of a problem with a porn-addicted virgin compared to a sexually experienced person who has repented. Considering the many who think “anyone addicted to porn would be a hypocrite to insist on marrying a virgin”.


Tons of people prefer someone with “sexual experience” anyway, so that doesn’t say much.



That’s because most Facebook friends are acquaintances and/or family as you can’t actually have 200 friends in real life


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