Pediatricians urge IUD, implants for teenage girls

Those of us with young daughters need to be especially involved in their healthcare.

Wow. This is absolutely disgusting. All this will do is drastically increase fornication among teenage girls because they will think that they can fornicate without consequence. Of course, there will still be consequences. They will still catch sexually transmitted diseases, there will still be unplanned pregnancies, and there will of course, still be grave spiritual consequences. And let’s not forget that because these contraceptive methods are not foolproof, unplanned pregnancies will happen which will result in an increase in abortions.

And I love it when people tell me to “trust your doctor.”

Generally you can trust them when it comes to illness and such but when it comes to things like this, they have a tendency to be salesmen for the birth control industry.

IUDs can break free and puncture the uterus. I would bet these physicians are friends of banned parenthood.

Not that it’s much better but it is addressed in the first sentence…

“Teen girls who have sex…”

So… the headline is missing those key words.

Best to not have sex… until you’re married…

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