Pedo... oh shut up!

This is a video about the supposed grand pedophilia that exists in our church. I don’t believe in it, im not ignorant, I know that there are priests in our religion that have their problems but I believe the numbers are near the same for any other religion or belief (I have no stats but im sure ive seen it somewhere :P) But I’m just tired of not having an answer for people who talk about this subject (Non-Catholics obviously). What do I tell them!

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Que Dios los bendiga!

From The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the
United States, 1950-2010
the study released yesterday by John Jay College Research Team my emphasis added:

From pg. 3 of the *Executive Summary *
***Less than 5 percent ***of the priests with allegations of abuse exhibited behavior consistent with a diagnosis of pedophilia (a psychiatric disorder that is characterized by recurrent fantasies, urges, and behaviors about prepubescent children). Thus, it is inaccurate to refer to abusers as “pedophile priests.”

This is my personal opinion.These priests have committed bad sins.But can we say that we have sinned less or our sins are any less worse than theirs?Our sins of greed,or sins of immorality,fornication,masturbation,ect.pedophilia is a grave sin but probably most of them have led better lives than most of us.The temptations which priests undergo are probably greater than we imagine.I just don’t think they should be ostracized to the extent that many of them are.It seems to me most people rank them up there with murderers.I know that they do affect children’s lives but I don’t see why it has to be some lifetime affliction.I can’t see why it has to cripple a person for life if he can get some counseling and try to understand why the priest did what he did.

the amount of Catholic priests who are pedophiles - it’s the same as in other parts of society, even perhaps - less… there are more pedophiles in schools or in Protestant churches, but no one ever mentions this. YES the priest abuse scandal is horrible, no denying that, but it’s not just the Catholic priests. Also, most priests are great… and celibacy doesn’t make anyone a pedophile, despite what some say. :rolleyes:

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