Peeing In Shower Ad

I have a knack for posting double topics no matter how much I look to see if they have already been posted. I saw this on Glen Beck. A Brazillian commercial said (jokingly?) if everybody does this at least once a day, so much water could be saved because it wouldn’t be flushed.

This has already been posted, hasn’t it?

If not: Link to show I am NOT making this up.


Well- just to be fair-minded about this, let me offer this perspective:

  1. Urine is sterile. It doesn’t hurt anything

  2. it all goes down to the same sewer anyway

  3. the People’s Pharmacy actually recommended this practice to eliminate foot fungus. Apparently something in the urine clears it up. It reported that soldiers do this (pee on their feet in the shower) because of the long hours spent in boots and it helps.:shrug:

  4. It DOES save water :thumbsup:

  5. if people were honest, they’d admit that they do this anyway, occasionally at least.(esp. kids and men!) :rolleyes:

I don’t advocate it peeing in the shower, but as with anything, there is always another side to think about…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Judie. Nice post.

To the OP. If peeing in the shower really freaks you out, I have no idea how you cope with life…

Swimming in a public pool
Changing diapers.
Blowing your nose.
Using the toilet.
Menstrual issues
Walking your dog and bagging his waste

Daily life is full of these items. They can be mountains or molehills. You choose the perspective.

Were the soldiers given instructions to do this for foot fungus or did they just discover it while doing it already?

Haha, I aim for the drain, so it never touches my feet.

What is so “EW EW” about that? :confused:

I think more people already do this than you know! Back in the 80s in my college dorm showers, many of the girls peed in the showers because the numbers of toilets were so few and people had to shower and get to 8 am classes.:smiley:

It all goes down the same sewer line anyway.:shrug:

I see no big deal.

I want to chime in just to say that there’s nothing wrong with you, adstrinity, for finding this gross. I wouldn’t want anyone peeing in my bathtub. :wink:

When I read the link this line cracked me up:

Children’s voice narrate as a bouncy tune is strummed in the background. At the end, the kids shout: “Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!”

the brazilian ad is cute. my sound is off so i couldn’t hear - it would have been in portuguese anyway. but you didn’t really need the sound to get the point they were making.
at this point in time, i think i will look for other ways to save water. LOL

Thank yOU! I find it dirty. I find the advocation of it dirty. Ugh. I cannot yet put into words how abhorrent I find this. I think I’m still in shock.

Ugh. Peeing in the shower is just one of those things that my body is not capable of doing…kinda like not being able to let loose in bed no matter how bad I have to go or how many months pregnant I am.

This is something I’d expect out of men, but women?! :eek: C’mon ladies!

I can’t remember… I think it’s just one of those things that became widely known over the years. here is the exact quote from People’s Pharmacy:

Q. I read that if you had really bad foot odor that all you had to do was urinate on your feet to make it go away. I tried this and not only did the odor go away, but the bad painful peeling of the skin on the bottom of my feet went away also. Why would that happen?
A. Soldiers have used this military secret for decades to treat foot fungus and odor. Perhaps the acidity of the urine does the trick. Urea, an ingredient of urine, may also have antifungal activity.

I’ll keep that in mind next time I pee in the pool.






Notes to avoid graceandglory from here on out

I think half the population pees in the shower & how about swimming pools, there is something about water that makes U pee:shrug:

LOL maybe we could do a poll. :smiley:

Just make sure it’s a private poll. There are some things, I just don’t want to know! :slight_smile:

Urine, as it comes out of the body, is sterile. If someone pees in the shower, it is all washed right down the drain with the other water.

If someone else was in your shower and peed, you would NEVER know it!! :smiley:

We have a separate shower stall at our house, so if my guys pee in the shower, it is all washed right down. I don’t ask, I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care! To me, it is definitely not a big deal.:shrug:

I’m not sure about that. As a young lad, I tried it out once and thought I was none the wiser. Later that day, my mom came and asked me, “Did you pee in the shower?” I was like a deer caught in the headlights. How did she know that? :eek: Evidently, she could smell it. :o

Well, was it a TUB shower, or a shower shower (you know - those stand alone shower stalls?). Secondly, if it was a tub, did you AIM properly? Third, did you pee as you left the shower, or did you let the water wash it down?

LOL, what an odd thread this is! :smiley: It was a tub shower. I did try to aim, but considering I was a small child, my aim could very well have been off. The shower was still going, but it was near the end of the shower, so it is possible I didn’t allow for adequate time to thoroughly rinse the tub.

More information than anyone probably wanted to know. :blush: :o

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