PEGIDA to organize anti-Islam demonstrations in 14 European countries


Rallies against “the Islamization” of Europe will take place on Feb. 6 in 14 European countries including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland, the far-right organizers said on Saturday.

                                                       I could see Germany's government banning protests, along with maybe Finland's, but it's just going to show more people who's side there governments are really on. The UK chapter is alos planning protests in Birmingham that day.


The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote. –Kosh the Vorlon


The incidents outside Cologne Cathedral didn’t just happen by accident. The site was deliberately targeted for religious reasons This is why I believe the Pegida demonstrations are of the utmost importance. Europe’s future is at stake.


Radical leftists are already calling for violence against planned Pegida rallies in Amsterdam and Birmingham.


I don’t have a great love of Pegida, in this case the proposed solution seems akin to fighting fire with fire with the possibility of a towering inferno resulting.


I agree. I seem to recall they had a demonstration in Sunderland of all places which turned out to be a non-event.


From Wikipedia on PEGIDA

On 12 October, Pegida demonstrators carried a mock gallows showing nooses reserved for Chancellor Angela Merkel and her deputy Sigmar Gabriel.[41] Bachmann derided the demonstrators who made this, calling it a “laughable piece of work with spelling errors” (“lächerliche Bastelarbeit mit Schreibfehlern”), a reference to the fact that the name Sigmar had been written with an “ie” (Siegmar).[42]


Rather unsurprising really. While I think a debate on immigration and how well migrants are integrating into their host countries (based of course on whatever ‘integration’ is meant to mean) is worthwhile Pegida does not exactly raise the bar very high I’ve noticed looking at their website and Facebook pages. Lots of rambling posts about the ‘browns and other races’ and getting our ‘racial pride’ back seem to be the order of the day.


Nooses for Merkel sounds a bit extreme. I prefer the posters of her behind bars instead.


What about the talk of the “browns” and “race pride”?


No surprise, Facebook has no problem with radical leftists using there site to call for violence


What is Pegida?


See here:-


Their founder is only 43, yet he looks older than me (and a bit like Jean Reno the French actor).


Did you check their founder’s rather er, chequered history?


No, I went for looks over substance (just kidding).


Whilst Pegida raise issues worth considering they do so in a way that makes me think of the old line that to a man with a hammer everything looks a nail.


Yes, it’s hard to deny that the right fringe in European politics (such as the National Front in France) exhibit a will to violence that is scary.


Anti-Islamic group Pegida Ireland to be launched at Dublin rally

                                        Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland confirmed that Pegida Ireland would be unveiled at a rally on February 6th in Dublin. He said Ireland would become the 15th country to establish a branch of the organisation.


Whole lot of shouting in Gaelic about Zionist on their Facebook page. Can’t say I am surprised. I see that Mr O’Loughlin stood in the area of Ireland I am from in the last election and got a massive 1.4 percent of the vote. Yippee.

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