Pelosi calls 9/11 an incident


Pelosi called 9/11 an incident.


Here’s the thing, Maxine. People care about money issues. If Trump suddenly decided to confiscate 20 percent of their assets, they’d be out in the street screaming. Or if the price of everything went up, they would notice.

With low unemployment and an economy that’s growing — at least for now — at a 4.1 percent annual rate, you are just not going to get people riled up.

Sure, if Trump starts a war. Or if terrorists begin attacking the US and Trump can’t respond, the money issues become secondary.

But he hasn’t and they haven’t.


Of course she did - she is so out of it she thinks that its the number you call when you fall and can’t get up!


Maxine doesn’t even live in her own district.


The growth rate was inflated over this last quarter in part because farmers wanted to get their crops, especially soybeans, and pigs sold before the tariffs kick in.

Speaking of tariffs, it is expected that car prices will likely inflate about $5000 per vehicle because of the steel and aluminum tariffs.


Good one.

Thank you.




Some people don’t appear to know or follow much about economics, probably because they think they know-it-all. I guess we’ll find out if the economists are right in October when the third quarter comes in.


Coca Cola prices are going up as well because of aluminum tariffs.


Switch to Pepsi.


Rinse out the old bottles and refill them.

Glass from sand is inexhaustible.


You should email that idea to Coca Cola.

Maybe they’ll like the idea.


I got an email from my components suppliers warning that their prices are changing significantly because of the tarrifs.


Speaking of sand…


She used a word of which you do not approve!

Burn her at the stake!


THen it’s a good time to get into the used car business.


Saipan has lots of sand.


All the good used cars were grabbed up by Obama.


What would you call the 9/11 attack / disaster?


You know, I’m not into recreational outrage. I was here in NYC that morning, I saw it, I was in the WTC for the 1993 bombing, and I don’t care if you call it an “incident,” or an “attack,” or a “disaster.”

I don’t wake up in the morning looking for reasons to be offended.

If you do, cool, you do you.


Oh Yeah. I forgot.

“Cash for Clunkers”. I could have made a fortune off of those things.

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