Pelosi: Democrats are capitalists


During a CNN town hall, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked if the democratic party could move more left on economics to which she replied, “We’re capitalist.”

This really shows why the Democrats were unable to defeat Trump’s right-wing populism - they have no desire to break with their neoliberal economic policies. Trump managed to capture the support of the American working class by appealing to economic plights and promoting an economic policy that at least offered an alternative to the neoliberal economic policy that has been typical of capitalism recently. The only way right-wing populism will be defeated is if the left can prove that they can offer an alternative to the working class. I wouldn’t actually expect the Democrats to reject capitalism, but at least advancing some kind of social democratic policies like those of Bernie Sanders would help them to form a genuine alternative to Trump.


A lot of what Pelosi is saying there days does not make sense. I think it is time for her to retire.


Pelosi [and her husband] are perhaps the wealthiest Congress members. He owns a large Pacific Ocean tuna fish packing company.

Some laws contain exemptions from minimum wage.

Funny about that.


It would be difficult for Mrs. Pelosi, one of the wealthiest people in California, to openly reject capitalism.


It’s probably because most would prefer not to look like Venezuela. The bulk of students who champion Sanders have no life experience to know better.


Social democratic policies would be more like a moderate-conservative western European country than Venezuela. Maybe the UK Labour party a few decades ago.


Okay, Mrs. Pelosi was clearly frustrated and disappointed with what that young man said. It was nice to see her correct his misunderstanding of the aim of the Democratic Party. I’m not surprised that people coming out of college think that the Democratic Party is a socialist Party. I, myself, believe that much of the leadership in the Party is more socialist than capitalist.

I guess now the Democratic Party leaders feel a need to walk back their message a little bit towards capitalism. But are they doing it for the good of the country, or because they went to far left too fast and not as many people followed them as they thought would follow them?


I have heard Pelosi speak untruths before, but this whopper takes the cake!!!


Oh please, after Reagan’s victory, Clinton ushered in the era of the third-way democrats and shifted the entire party to the right. Both democrats and republicans have pursued strong neo-liberal economic policies since then, including President Obama. The outcry of socialism against Obama was nonsense. Republicans and democrats are further right since Reagan than either was in the post-world war II decades prior to Reagan’s election. Sanders sounded more like a pre-Reagan democrat than a socialist, and his policies were at best social democracy, which is still considered a mostly capitalist as far as economic spectrum is concerned.


I would agree that both parties are more crony-capitalist then pure capitalist. They are more than willing to institute rules/laws giving favored companies breaks or incentives.

I honestly don’t see much difference between the parties on economics. They take money from pretty much the same donors, neither party seems interested in controlling the debt. Every bill they write seem to be done in conjunction with lobbyists from large corporations in the affected industries.


Yes, this.


The only reason Sanders had decent primary numbers were because he was marketed as an “outsider” even though he’s been in government longer than I have been alive—and because his specific plans were not discussed.

Many independents would not have been okay with Sanders big spending plans.

And as Eric Bolling noted: “If you’re an-list Hollywood star and get 20 million bucks for a movie, under Sanders plan the government gets 18 million of that”.

People would not be okay with that.


The Democrats spend more money because they have the luxury of going further than the Republicans.

As Peter Schiff notes “we have capitalized profits and socialized losses”.


capitalists , huh?
I can think of a lot more accurate descriptions. :smiley:


We have to keep in mind many, but Democrats in particular, define capitalism as the current economic system. It doesn’t matter how much they have done to hamper or eliminate free markets. The reason is because they campaign against capitalism. They do this because capitalism is vilified as the cause of all problems. If we ceased to be capitalists what could they fight against? If we had more obvious socialism, and we called it that, then all the problems they fight against wouldn’t be the fault of the free market but of the politicians and their failed central planning.

So yes, she and the Democrats are capitalists and will always fight against that economic system. The difference in Pelosi’s case is that she truly does favor capitalism, just the crony capitalism variety that benefits her.


I couldn’t agree more.

And, going further than this, the Democratic Party has been abandoning its traditional base, which was labor, and especially organized labor, since at least 1980, and probably earlier. Bill Clinton’s neo-liberal policies only set in stone what had been happening for a while.

If the Democratic Party has any hope of reversing its decline, it has to realize this and take steps to rectify the situation.


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