Pelosi practiced? House speaker apparently pre-rips SOTU speech during Trump address

a song for Nancy…

"and they know we are Christians by our Love, by our Love,
Yes they know we are Christians by our Love"…


I think that that is a good song for all.
And I appreciate that she prays for the President.

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Her actions toward President Trump and words don’t point toward someone who prays favorably for the president, however. Her actions and words do harm
towards President Trump. Her actions and words do
not promote civility towards President Trump.



I am not sure what you mean by praying “favorably”.
When we pray for people whom we believe to be on the wrong track, we pray for their metanoia.
IMO, that is a favorable prayer for them. Praying that they make progress on the wrong track is anything but favorable.

Again, I think that prayers aimed at promoting civility from Trump are entirely appropriate.

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And you might say she PREYS on those who voted
for President Trump or who support him.

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