Pelosi says impeachment 'not a priority' after Cohen's guilty plea

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday said impeaching President Trump is “not a priority,” despite Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to campaign finance violations that implicated the president.

“Impeachment has to spring from something else,” Pelosi, who has long downplayed the possibility of impeachment, told The Associated Press.

Cohen, who was Trump’s longtime lawyer and fixer, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a number of tax and bank fraud charges as well as a campaign finance violation. He said in court that Trump had directed him to arrange payments to two women during his 2016 presidential campaign in exchange for their silence about alleged affairs with Trump.

“If and when the information emerges about that, we’ll see,” Pelosi said. "It’s not a priority on the agenda going forward unless something else comes forward.”

A while ago I concluded that Pelosi was the only house democrat I would consider voting for in a congressional race, looks like I stand by that.

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Don’t worry, Trump will get his when he leaves office in 2 years or 6 years. Those files will be sitting on some NY Southern District Attorney General’s desk waiting to be escorted to a Grand Jury.

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Pelosi has to be careful … if she makes too much of a fuss about impeachment, it might galvanize Trump’s base.

No. If Mueller and the Dems can’t get him out of office before his term runs out, they won’t bother. The only purpose this “special prosecution” has is to get Trump out of office.

Right. That will get him a few votes if he’s running for anything.

Maybe they’ll start up again, but the usual anti-Trumpers are remarkably quiet all of a sudden. I realize Pelosi has authority in the party, but I never thought it would be that complete. The media, though, has Trump virtually impeached and in the penitentiary. Are anti-Trumper rank and file not gloating out of concern that it might galvanize Trump supporters to go to the polls?

We’ll see.

I think antiTrumpers should follow Sessions’ example. Criticize but respect the agenda that’s been laid out. Trump’s not going to back out of his wall among other things.

Of course there’s no assurance Jeff won’t be fired but he’s at least got a backbone.

You think? Then why do the Dems have him afraid to do his job?

They’re all confused. Some actually think Comey is their ally.

Just like the attempt to impeach Bill Clinton galvanized the base for Bill. He reached his highest approval rating, 73%, immediately after the attempt.

Yeah, impeachment rarely works as intended, is rarely justified, and usually extremely unpopular with people in general.

An extreme measure not to be taken lightly.

It’s never really worked as intended. The closest it got was with Nixon, but he resigned before the Articles even made it to the floor. The fact remains that no matter how much the House may want to give a president the boot, getting two thirds of Senators to agree is nearly insurmountable (Andrew Johnson was closest, but was saved by one vote). Besides, if the Dems do take the House, there’s plenty of ways to muck up Trump’s agenda that don’t require removal. In fact, from a political point of view, better to just oppose Trump’s legislative agenda, and let the political cycle do its job and in 2020, even if they don’t take the White House, they’ll likely take the Senate.

I think impeaching Trump is a terrible idea. The Clinton impeachment, doomed from the start, did a lot to normalize impeachment as a means of political revenge. After that it became almost normal for certain groups to use the I word against Bush and Obama. Impeach Trump and it well and truly become par for the course when the House flips. Does anyone truly want the kind of chaos that Australia has been going through for the last decade? I’d say that’s a lot worse than putting up with a bad president.

I agree. The Democrats would be far better to grind his agenda in the house to a halt (like his own party does at times) and use the ineffecticity to run on in 2020. Impeachment wont work, and is seen as a big painful waste of time when it fails hurting the impeaching party. It did the Republicans no favors in 1998.

Or maybe he is in over his head.

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