Pelosi: Unemployment Creates Jobs

I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve heard a number of people both here and out in the world talking about how they wouldn’t apply for, or declined, a job offer because they’d have to take a paycut. They choose to remain unemployed rather than be, what they call, “underemployed.” I find it interesting that some people seem to think they’re too good to take a paycut but have no qualms about the rest of society subsidizing their existence.

I have no doubt that you have heard from those people. But how many people of “those people” are there? Unemployment is in the millions. Its like on another thread it was being discussed whether tobacco causing cancer is all hype because you might get the odd person who has smoked all their life and are healthy.

So, you didn’t have to take any lumps, make sacrifices or take a paycut…but you’re moaning about other people who won’t. :slight_smile:

I took exactly one week of unemployment before accepting a job that pays 1/4-1/3 of what I previously made. I’ve been looking to get back into my former industry for the last 1-1/2 years, with no success - very few opportunities. It is a bad economy, and it is tougher to find a job in certain industries and regions. That said, I don’t think “unemployment creats jobs,” as Pelosi stated.

Thank you SOOOO MUCH for posting this!!!

My mother was laid off in November of '08. The only work she can find is part time work. It took her well over a year before she managed to find that. She needs full time work and it simply isn’t happening. I’m glad EmperorNapoleon was able to find work so quickly my guess is he is young. My mom just a couple of month ago had the unemployment office admit that age discrimination is alive and well in the work force. She and the others who where laid off with her already knew this based on what they have seen. They had 16 total who where laid off. Two of them where in their 30s, they found work very quickly after being laid off. The rest are all 50 or older and none of them have found full time work. Some of them managed to get on with a temp agency. Some of them have basically given up. Others like my mother have found other part time work. The full time work is simply not there if you are 50 or older.

As far as Pelosi goes, imho, the more she opens her mouth the dumber she sounds.:frowning:

Yep. Young people like EmperorNapoleon have a much easier time weathering an economic downturn. No family to support, so expenses are less; lower income, so it’s easier to find a job in their salary range; and companies are looking to cut costs, so they will take someone with less experience rather than pay more for a seasoned professional.

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