Pelosi's "Message to Church": Catholic Women...from 14...or younger...Are Practicing Birth Control"

*“If a overwhelming number of Catholic women of childbearing age, and they stretch that from 14-50 or however older or younger you want to go, are practicing birth control, then there, that has to be some message to the Church that- please don’t expect employers and insurance companies to enforce an attitude that you have that this isn’t even accepted by the laity church-going people themself.” * Nancy Pelosi

Nancy has shown time and time again she does NOT know Chutch teaching. She is not representative of Catholicism.

VIPER! There is no other word more befitting than from the lips of the Baptist himself!

Mk 9:42 “And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.”

Jesus, your faithful need you, now more than ever!

Nice to see her finally admit she is a wretch of a Catholic, and basically gives the Church the finger on a daily basis. Now, I look forward to posts defending her.

She knows a fair amount, but thinks she knows more. Kind of like Judas, Luther, and other people who made history.

There’s no defending the indefensible::frowning:

false prophet.

Just you wait…

Pope Pelosi :rolleyes:

What I don’t understand is why Pelosi’s home Bishop, or the Bishop of the Diocese of Washington, D.E. has not publicly excommunicated her or at least called for the public denial of Sacriments to her because of the gross public scandal she has committed against the Church.
I hope the Catholic voters in her home state act appropriately in her next election…regardless who her opposition is!



Oh, she KNOWS Church teaching, she is in heresy, because she doesn’t support Church teaching. Every time she talks about the Church, she displays her distaste for all faithful Catholics.

Say what?

This kind of demon can only be cast out by prayer and fasting. Keep Nancy in your prayers for the entire Lenten season and offer your abstinence and fasting specifically for her repentance and conversion.

How many Catholics from age 6 to 100 have ever sinned? All of them! So obviously Catholics reject the teaching that sin is wrong. How dare the Church tell people such things…

… Her argument is not even logical.

Pray for her and our country.

If that is her argument, then you are right, she is being illogical. It seems to me more likely that she is saying that multitudes of the otherwise faithful reject the teaching that contraceptive use is objectively sinful. This is not like saying “Catholics get drunk, therefore Catholics reject Church teaching on drunkenness”. Most Catholic drunks I have known considered their drunkenness wrong. i suspect that is not the case with those who use contraception. Does anyone know of any survey that has probed this?

I am sure I over simplified her argument in trying to make my point. But in all seriousness the Church will not and cannot change its beliefs based on The fact that there are Catholics who either don’t practice or don’t agree with the teaching. The truth is the truth regardless of how people feel about it. So if the Church believes the immorality of contraception to be the truth, it will not disown that belief based upon the opinion of others, no matter how common that opinion may be.

So Pelosi’s message is that people break the rules so we dont need rules? pretty typical of a politican. i guess all laws are a waste of time. thats my view

nancy just doesn’t know when to be quiet. you know the old saying - open mouth, insert foot. she is a poor representative of what it is to be Catholic. and a poor representative of a Catholic politician. the democrat’s vote and the democrat’s agenda are more important than the Church teaching. :frowning:

The Church sat on its hands for far too long, and attempted to peacefully get along, and ended up with an HHS mandate that has now put them on the defensive.

When will the church wake up, and realize that playing nice with people who bring scandal to the church and lead others astray into sin is unacceptable., and those people need to be dealt with, for their own good, as well as others?

It is though the modern Church waits until it is essentially too late to ever act definitively and defend herself.

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