Penance in place of eating meat on Friday

If one eats meat on a non-Lenten Friday then one has to substitute a penance in place of it. Does “not eating meat on Saturday” count? (This is for my country, at least. Doesn’t apply globally)

You do not have to in the US. The church recommends fasting, alms giving, acts of self mortification and good works. If your country has a requirement best ask your confessor.

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Thanks, Theo2. Will check with a local Priest regarding my country’s laws.

I’m not sure what you mean, are you asking of deferring the Friday abstinence to Saturday is acceptable?
Firstly, you dont say what country you are in. If you are in a country where you are required to abstain from meat on non Lenten Fridays such as England, then you should abstain from meat on the Friday. If you eat meat on this Friday …. would it be by mistake or on purpose? If by mistake then continue as normal when you remember, ie abstaining and if you wish (recommended) then give up something else as well to make up for it. Remember it doesnt need to be food or food related and in fact does not need to be giving up as such, add in a prayer, for instance if you dont usually say the rosary daily, then say it, or if you do then say the Chaplet of divine mercy as well etc. If you want it to be food, then leave off something you like such as salt or gravy, or sauce, or desert etc. or chose something you dont really like/want much over something you’d rather have, for instance if you want a nice piece of fish in batter from the chip shop, have a plain fish with no sauce which you may find dull and offer your ‘suffering’ of this to God. Do you see what I mean? Now if you are choosing to not abstain from meat on a particular Friday and abstain on Saturday instead, that’s not generally the idea, but it would depend on your conscience. If there is a good reason. For instance, you are allowed to do this (without the abstinence on Saturday - though you may wish if you like) for two reasons that I know of 1) it is a feast day (Christmas or the feast day of your parish) 2) you are travelling and it would cause inconvenience and/or distress to your hosts - this is something you have to decide for yourself. I am no expert, but this is what I have read up on it. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a sin. Though I don’t know that it would be if you plan to do the abstinence another time. I would say ask your priest for clarity and maybe suggest another sacrifice on the Friday even if it’s not abstaining from meat. I have forgotten not to eat meat and have confessed such and told the priest I remembered and stopped eating meat and did another penance as well and he seemed pleased with that. Good luck.

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I would say no it does not count. The Church has made non-Lenten Fridays globally the day of penance, not Saturdays.

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Just to clarify - in England and Wales the Bishops have asked us to abstain from meat on Fridays.

It is NOT a sin if we do eat meat, though.

Here in Canada we can substitute an extra act of charity, penance or piety in place of abstinence from meat on Friday. I’ve said a decade of the Rosary in its place before.

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