Penance of "fast for the rest of the day"

Our priest gave my wife and I the same penance at confession today - “fast for the rest of the day and attend the easter vigil.” Unfortunately, neither of us thought to ask what “fasting for the rest of the day” really means.

Does that mean the traditional catholic fasting of 1 small meal and 2 snacks that dont add up to be more than the meal, or does that mean absolutely dont touch food for the rest of the day???

I can tell you we ate breakfast at 8AM (bowl of cereal) and are trying to understand if we are to not eat until the vigil is over (midnight).


I fasted the day of my Vigil.

If you do not have a medical reason to eat, then, take only water for the rest of the day.

Either your parish will have a meal after or you can go out for a late celebratory supper after the Vigil.

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