Is it Okay to do penance at home that I got from going to confession. For penance I was asked to say some prayers I was unfamiliar with rather than stopping the priest and telling him I did not know the prayers I said nothing. Is it okay that I look it up at home and say my penance at my house? Thanks a lot.

Unless the priest specified that you should do your penance in some specific place (unusual), you can do it at home, in church, or on the moon, for all it matters. :slight_smile:

yes, that would be fine

the missals in the church would also have some of the prayers

Very OK. Some Priests even give penance that is continual, which means you need to complete it over the course of a period of time (in my case three months).


but the moon is best…

Hey catholiccj1086,

Lots of questions on confession and penance particulars. God doesn’t want us hung up past particulars. Receive the joy that God wants you to have in Confession. It’s been referred to as the Sacrament of Joy for good reason.

Read the story of the prodigal son in the Gospel and enter the scene,…and see how the Father’s love is so generously given, all without a bunch of particulars, to the son.


As a fairly recent convert it would not be difficult to prescribe prayers that I don’t know. However I am also aware that most of them can be found with minimal digging on the net.

Mostly I spend lots of prayer time at home confessing weakness and seeking prayers of repentance.

Three months?!!:eek: Of course I would never ask what on earth you did but… did it really take that long to pay back all the money from the bank robbery?

That would be a good priest. These days the penances are ridiculously easy which are dished out by priests. Strict and difficult penances should be implemented for serious sins so that the horror of sin is fully comprehended by the penitent.

I once heard the story of a priest who heard the confession of a gossiper who had slandered someones good name. The rumour was widely known throughout the whole village. The man’s penance was to get a pillow and scatter the feathers throughout the main street and then pick them up.

The man protested “But that’s impossible, I would never be able to pick them all up”
The priest said “Well that’s the point isn’t it. You will never be able to recover all those words which you gossiped about your brother”.

I think this man would have learned from this vivid penance how severe the sin of calumny and gossip was.

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