so i went to confession a coupple weeks ago and after i got out, i realized the priest never assigned me any penance. is this allowed?

Trust that the priest knew what he was doing while administering the Sacrament.

You can always do penance.

Sleep on the floor, skip salt on your food or skip sugar in your coffee, visit someone in the hospital, pray for someone, buy a bag of groceries for a family out of work, cut someone’s grass for them…


Sometimes the Lord gives us mercies and graces that we just have to accept them and say thank you, Lord! :smiley:

The priest should assign a penance, however sometimes the penance is no penance, sometimes your penance is the sorrow you have already shared in confession (we beat ourselves up more than the Lord would at times) and sometimes the priest just plain forgets.

Your confession is in no way affected by the lack of an assigned penance.

Do one you have received in the past for the like.

Just a side note story on penance… My son is in another country and he does not speak the language. He tries to go to confession each week. Each week at the end of Confession, the priest tells him the same thing… “The Father who speaks English will be here at 3.”

Since my son can not understand what his penance is each time, he prays a few prayers as if Father had told him to pray them for his penance. Just recently he realized, the priest isn’t saying “The Father who speaks English will be here at 3”. The priest has been telling my son for his penance “Pray 3 Our Fathers”.

yeah, i think he might have forgotten. it was at a eucharistic adoration for university students and a lot of people were going to confession. either that or he got distracted by my guide dog. or maybe it was just how he does it, who knows. well thanks for clearing it up. wans’t overly concerned about it, it’s just never happened before so i was curious

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