After confession I received a penance of saying 4 Our Fathers for Pope Francis.

Does this mean I have Pope Francis on my mind during this time or do I need to say something before each Our Father to designate that I am saying it for him?

I would just offer up the Our Fathers for Pope Francis just before you say them

Easiest way to do these things, mentally make the following intention: “I offer up these _____ for _______.” and then do your penance. In some really old prayer books there are elaborate prayers for after confession, one being a prayer for offering the penance. However, for people who aren’t used to it, these can become onerous, but I can attest to their effectiveness.

As you begin your prayer simply state that “this rosary is for the intention of Pope Francis.” You should have him in mind when you are saying the prayers for him. If your mind wonders during the prayer, stop for a brief second and recommit your prayer at that moment.

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